Who Is Zane Schoeffling? The Untold Truth Of Michael Schoeffling’s Son

zane schoeffling

Zane Schoefflingis the son of Michael Shoeffling, an actor from the past who came to fame when he played the character in the film Jake Ryan in Sixten Candles. The father, Michael who began his acting career around the mid-80s was a part of a variety of TV and film shows before he quit in the year 1991. However Zane’s mom Valerie C. Robinson is a sporadic actress.

Although he is the child of a former Hollywood star, Zane prefers to live an extremely private life. Let’s see what Zane doing now. Is Zane following in the footsteps of his father?

Below are some intriguing details concerning Michael’s child. Let’s look!

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Zane Schoeffling Age And Early Life

Schoeffling began his life in latter part of the 1980s at Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, United States of America. And his age is 31 as of 2021. He spent the majority of his life in his home town in Newfoundland, Zane reportedly completed his education from there.

Zane’s parents with their little sister.

Nationality And Ethnicity

Zane is of American nationality. In terms of the ethnicities of his family are concerned,, the superstar child is Caucasian.

What Is Zane Schoeffling Up To These Days? His Career

As we’ve mentioned earlier previously, Zane has a very private individual and hasn’t yet divulged details about his professional and private life. So, we haven’t been able to discover any projects that Zane participates in.

Schoeffling was only discovered by the media in the form of his son mid-80s Michael. His father got his first professional film role, portraying Jake Ryan, the popular and sensitive athlete from high school in the teen film Sixteen Candlesin 1984. The following the year Michael got the character in the film Amputee Soldier for the film Racing with the Moon.

Similar to 1985 the actor was featured in two films Sylvester and Vision Quest. The next season, Schoeffling popped up in two other films, Let’s Get Harry films films, as well as Belizaire, the Cajun. Other big-screen successes comprise Longtime Companion and Salves of New York.

In addition, Zane played Joe Perretti in the 1990 comedy-drama family Mermaids with a screen share alongside CherBob Hoskins as well as Winona Ryder. His final film credit was in the film Wild Hearts Don’t Have to be Broken. Broken.

Additionally, Schoeffling also has a TV appearance, playing Lance in the show the show The Hitchhiker from 1986.

As of 2005, the actor was ranked as number 22 in Teen Magazine’s list of ” Biggest Hunks of the 1980s.”

What Is Zane Schoeffling Father Doing After His Retirement?

Michael after quitting acting , went into the woodworking workshop. He makes handcrafted furniture. In the early 1980s the actor used to serve as modeling for GQ. The actor was born at Wilkes-Barre, Michael went to Cherokee High School in New Jersey. Later, he went to Temple University and also took acting classes in The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Manhattan.

Zane Schoeffling Has A Sister

Schoeffling was raised with his younger brother, a younger sister named Scarlett Schoeffling who was born on May 6, 1991. According to reports the sista of his brother is a model as well as occasionally an actress. She was in films such as Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story and Billions.

In addition, the Schoeffling siblings are close to one another. Scarlett has shared a few pictures of them from the past in her Instagram. One of the most adorable photos was posted in September 2014. Scarlett captioned,

“#tbt brotherly love.”

Zane along with his youngest sister.

Who Is Zane Schoeffling Girlfriend?

While we don’t learn what his professional accomplishments are, Zane is quite successful in keeping his private life secret. He hasn’t been dating anyone publicly until 2021.

Due to his extremely confidential nature, it remains a mystery as to how the star child will have an actual girlfriend or not.

His Net Worth Details

The precise value of the net wealth is not yet revealed. However Michael’s fortune is $500,000 as of 2021. The majority of his income comes from his furniture store in Pennsylvania.

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