Who Is Lucas Higdon From My 600-Lb Life? Where Is He Now?

lucas 600 lb life

Lucas Higdon from My 600 avoirdupois unit Life Season ten resides in Conroe, Tx. because of Dr. Now, he has undergone 218 pounds weight loss. aid viewers marvel if film maker from My 600 Pound Life is obtainable on Facebook and Instagram right now.

The TLC reality show, My 600-lb Life, could be a program that captures a number of the foremost inspiring  bodily makeovers by following the troublesome journey taken by morbidly weighty of us in their quest to steer a decent life.

In what seems to be their final opportunity, they contact Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, or Dr. Now, who helps them each step on the way.

However, as a result of it’s a sophisticated task, whereas some fail, others, admire season ten’ film maker Higdon, demonstrate that the contrary isn’t solely possible however truly possible. So, let’ see however he’ doing today, shall we tend to?

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My 600 avoirdupois unit Life: Lucas Higdon’ Story is Explored on Season 10 of the aid Show!

once film maker Higdon 1st appeared on our televisions in season ten episode 9, he admitted that his immense frame causes him to measure in misery.

The 33-year-old from Conroe, Texas, who lives on their estate together with his family, noted that he might still go about, however it absolutely was difficult, tedious, and time-consuming.

As a result, the TLC star had to rely on his relations for the foremost basic wants and solely created some cash by operating as a baby-sitter and homeschooling his kinswoman and nephew.

However, film maker Higdon understood that if he needed independence, he needed to enhance his habits, that prompted him to recruit in Dr. Now’ program.

Lucas, like the majority who resort to feeding for consolation and become addicted, grew up in an exceedingly chaotic family wherever he felt abandoned and unwanted most of the time. He grew up in a menage of six brothers and sisters, however it wasn’t till his twin sisters arrived once he was four that he recognized eating helped him feel better.

Lucas Higdon was a active child, but second platefuls and frequent feeding caused him to accumulate weight. In fact, he surpassed the 160-pound threshold before the age of ten, and his weight steady climbed over the years.

Higdon did drop weight at the request of his coaches once he began taking part in soccer throughout his highschool days, however he quickly relapsed and reverted to his previous habits.

Everything from being forced to depart school and quitting his job as a pizza pie delivery guy to his diversion addiction and worry and melancholy all additional to his fat gain, and he eventually weighed 619 pounds.

Despite this, film maker incontestible his determination to begin a brand new starting by shedding an out of this world eighty pounds in exactly three months to be accepted for the load loss aid procedure.

Lucas Higdon Now: Is My 600 Pound Life Star offered on Facebook or Instagram?

Lucas Higdon had some challenges, however he was ready to reach wonderful outcomes as a result of he had the backing of his relations and therefore the determination to follow Dr. Now’ food and mode plan.

Furthermore, not only did the medical treatment go smoothly, however he was shortly back on his feet, solely to form a comeback to the gymnasium thusme|for a few} additional strong-intensity sessions together with his fitness trainer.

film maker Higdon repeatedly indicated that he was desperate to begin a brand new innovate his life, so it’ no marvel that he finished his episode at 401 lbs, transfer his total weight loss to 218 pounds.

Lucas had perpetually needed to figure within the IT profession, and it seems that he’s on his way, since he presently appears to possess employment maintaining computers at an area firm and is seeking to increase his education.

Not simply that, however despite still residing together with his family, he’s additional self-sufficient, significantly currently that he will go by himself.

we tend to don’t recognize if film maker Higdon has had the extra skin removal surgery yet, but we’re quite aware that he has remained committed to his transformational journey.

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