Who Is Geo Ong’s First Son? Jeremiah Ong Birthday And Age

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Jeremiah Ong is the first son of Geo Ong, who is a well-known Filipino musician and rapper. Find the full article here to learn more about the family member of the celebrity.

Geo Ong is among the most well-known music artists from the Philippines. He has been able to influence people with his hip-hop music. He is highly inspired by the contemporary hip-hop culture.

We can hear his tunes and songs on various music platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud. The most well-loved songs include “Kasalukuyan”, “Pekeng Kaibigan” and “Opinyon”.

Geo Ong is currently in the news with the arrival of his first child. The public was quick to express their gratitude for the opulent moment.

Geo One Son, Jeremiah Information uncovered

Jeremiah Ong is the son of the famous couple Geo Ong and his wife Janice Ong.

The couple dated for quite a while, which ultimately led to marriage. Their marriage has been blessed by the birth of their son boy. The couple has been spending much in their home with their child.

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With their young son Jeremiah, Janice often features on their channel’s vlogs that are uploaded on YouTube under the name Geo. The trio of family members travel through the beautiful green countrysides in the Philippines.

They post adorable photos on Instagram.

How Are You? Jeremiah Ong? Age and Birthday Reported

In 2021, Jeremiah is believed to be between the ages of 3-5.

The couple hasn’t revealed their son’s exact age or birth information. The details of his birth are unanswered by a large number of people.

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Jeremiah is having a blast living the life of a toddler with parents.

If information that is updated on his age or birth date is released, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Read Jeremiah Wikipedia Biography Rediscovered

Presently, Jeremiah is not featured on the Wikipedia page. There is very little information on Jeremiah available on the web.

The singer was raised in the Philippines in the Philippines and was the father of well-known Filipino musician.

On the contrary, his father is among the most influential hip-hop musicians. His music has been able to captivate thousands of Filipino youngsters. In addition, we can watch their family blog via their Youtube channel, named after Geo Ong.

They often post content to their channel. Their content is focused around family adventures and beautiful beauty that is not yet discovered within the Philippines.

Meet Jeremiah Ong On Instagram

Jeremiah was too small to join any social media platform. We’ll need to wait some more years before we discover Jeremiah in the Instagram account.

We can still see the adorable look of his dad’s account. We can follow Geo ong’s profile on Instagram using the username @iamgeoong.

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He has managed to establish a following of 69.3K users through four49 of his posts. Instagram’s Instagram wall is filled with his adventures, and captured in pictures.

Geo often shares his precious moment with his child in his Instagram. The father-son bond is a joy to observe.

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