Which EHR—Sammy or Picasso—is the better option?

Sammy or Picasso

What is Sammy EHR:

Sammy EHR is an electronic health record software that connects to practice management and billing solution for healthcare. It is powerful software that is well-equipped to facilitate improved patient engagements, and it offers its services to small and mid-sized offices. Additionally, Sammy Systems’ EHR is an easy-to-use platform with a focus on the essentials that makes it possible to finish everyday chores fast.

What functionalities are supported by Sammy EHR software?

Appointment Arranging:

The first function we’ll examine is Sammy’s help with scheduling appointments. To organize and manage all of their appointments, practices must do this. Additionally, it helps you finish more appointments in a day in a more effective way. Sammy EHR will optimize your workflow and schedule to make them better.

Sammy can speed up the process so you can see patients more quickly. Additionally, patients and professionals can pick times that work best for them. Additionally, you can enter your daily time slots into the software to avoid scheduling conflicts. Last but not least, seeing more patients means you are making more money.

Convenient Dashboard:

An effective dashboard can significantly improve EHR management in practice. Every time you launch the software, you view the dashboard. You may interact with it throughout the day because it has all the information you’ll need. The dashboard is necessary because of this, and using it correctly is vital.

Electronic Prescription:

Due to changes in prescription legislation, employing EHR now necessitates the use of an efficient prescription instrument. With Sammy EHR, you may write prescriptions without making any mistakes. The prescription can also be sent to the pharmacy of your patient’s choosing. Because patients need to visit the pharmacy to buy their medications, this can be handy.

Online patient portal:

Having a patient portal can be very advantageous to practice because it is a flexible tool. On the platform, patients create profiles and can share information. The forms may also be brought from home. Information can also be given to patients, whether it is pertinent to their education or rehabilitation.

The ability to schedule appointments and manage their bills properly is another advantage of a patient portal. The front desk staff at your practice will find this to be very helpful. Additionally, it gives people a stronger sense of belonging and empowers them to take control of their health.

Secure Patient Data:

A secure platform that patients can access can have a big impact. When seeking care, patients shouldn’t be concerned that their information may be shared or compromised. This is crucial when patients contact you using the portal’s communication features.

How Does Workflow Get Better with Sammy EHR?

The software allows clinicians to quickly repeat past notes and to update patient demographic data. A patient portal is also included with Sammy EHR so that patients may check lab results, get information about their booked visits with the medical history, and access other pertinent data. Using this safe patient portal, patients can also request an appointment and complete intake documents.

MRIs, x-rays, ultrasounds, pictures, and other images can be easily uploaded to particular patient charts by medical practitioners. Doctors may record information, quickly store photos, and review past diagnoses using Sammy Systems EHR.

Additionally, Sammy EHR software helps users to quickly determine a client’s insurance eligibility. Furthermore, since it alerts consumers to any problems in the claims, the likelihood of a claim being denied or a mistake occurring is quite slim.

Sammy EHR software enables practitioners to repeat a message with only one click and changes patient data and records. Additionally, the EHR provides a patient portal as part of its services, enabling communication between patients and physicians. Through this portal, patients can view and receive lab results.

Can Picasso be an alternate of Sammy EHR?

Picasso EHR is an online EHR solution that provides a variety of health IT services. These consist of medical billing, patient scheduling, and practice management. Picasso EHR is Meaningful Use I and II compliant and ONC-ATCB 2014 certified. Although this software is adaptable enough to serve a variety of medical disciplines, it functions best in dermatology, optometry, general practice, and anesthesiology clinics.

How can it improve your practice?

This Health IT system’s web-based deployment makes it completely available from any location at any time. The software is compatible with many different platforms, including tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and other mobile devices.

Picasso EHR helps professionals automate their routine tasks. As a result, productivity is dramatically increased while human error is completely eradicated. This system has a complete library of reports and templates, which further expedites processes like billing and patient recording. Additionally, it lowers the costs associated with paper forms. Important data, such patient medical records, can still be accessed even when there is no Internet connection because the system backs up all data every day automatically.

This ready-to-use health IT system comes with an EHR that has already been configured, and a friendly team of trainers is available to provide users with knowledge about how to use the software to its fullest potential. The organization offers post-implementation, training, and support, and clients can choose to receive the support and training on-site or over the phone in order to ensure a smooth and effective transition. Both the Mac iOS and the Microsoft operating systems support this program.

A group of experts in healthcare and information technology created Picasso in 2000 with the goal of providing doctors with comprehensive software solutions. These individuals succeeded in creating one of the top health IT systems and building a solid clientele.

Let’s check price Sammy EHR Pricing Vs Picasso EHR:

Sammy EHR is categorized as being of average cost-effectiveness. The software costs $359 per month for each user. Reviewers claim that you receive the most value for your money from software in this pricing bracket, particularly when it comes to specialized podiatry software. By selecting “Get Pricing” above, you can also receive a customized quote for your practice. The pricing for a Picasso EHR license starts at $450. Picasso costs more to deploy (TCO).

Final thought:

Each software has advantages and disadvantages. You may learn more about them by reading customer reviews. You may also arrange a software demonstration to learn more about the solution.

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