What Is Rubmaps? Top 10 Alternatives to Rubmaps

You must be familiar with the phrase “happy endings,” which is frequently connected to massages and beauty parlors. This alludes to receiving massage services where the therapist would eventually assist you in experiencing orgasm as part of their “services.” Yes, they are real, and this is happening.

Happy endings are a common feature of massage parlors, and this service may have originated in Thailand. It has been reported that it is one of their most popular tourist attractions, though this information is of course kept under wraps and only those in the know can confirm it. You might be astonished to learn that there are even such businesses in your neighborhood given that most Asian nations offer these kinds of services. And not just in Asia, as these massage services with happy endings have already spread to nations like the USA.

It is a well-known truth that massage parlors provide additional services, and they are now also available online. Rubmaps.ch is the perfect website for you if you’re seeking for some sensual massage parlors. Wherever you are, there will be some girls nearby to give you the massage and the happy ending you desire because they have evaluations written by people who have used and evaluated their services and their locations range.

massage parlors provide additional services - rubmaps

Rubmaps will be a terrific resource for finding massage clinics in the USA that are eagerly awaiting your appointment. Rubmaps’ modest stores are always a good choice because you can be sure that they are all spotless and well-run. The women that work in these stores are all skilled and efficient while still providing a satisfying service.

The website refers to its users as “mongers,” and you can discover frank reviews of their services, including comments on the masseuses’ demeanor, attitudes, and massage methods.

They refer to themselves as the “home of erotic massages,” and you may select from a variety of services, including prostate massage, hot massage, happy endings, and Nuru massage. But keep in mind that even though the website is legal in the USA, happy massages are prohibited, thus they take every precaution to be undetectable. If you use such services, you must be informed of the hazards.

The majority of these massage parlors are operating covertly due to legal concerns, but they still exist since they now rely on word-of-mouth or the internet to attract customers. Because of the Internet, finding these massage parlors is lot easier now than it was in the past, especially if you know someone who frequents them.

What Is Rubmaps

You won’t have to strain to find a location for your happy ending. Rubmaps will also provide you with the distance and an anticipated cost if you hire their services because they are available in practically every region of America. You can easily indulge in some self-care to relieve your stress and any lingering sexual tension.

Top 10 Alternative To Rubmaps.ch

if you already visited out Rubmaps, below are some similar to rubmaps that you can try.

1. Erotic Monkey

Erotic Monkey

One of the biggest platforms that resemble the well-known Backpage is definitely this website. It allows you access to and information on a wide variety of attractive girls from different states and is primarily headquartered in the United States. If you’re outside of the US, try your luck elsewhere since this site is not accessible from other nations.

The website of Erotic Monkey is incredibly flexible. They feature a wide variety of adult listings, and you may visit their forum to communicate with other members while they debate a variety of issues. You can get in touch with girls and use their services at a massage parlor on the website that is modeled like Backpage. In addition, they offer live performances where you can relax while watching attractive women perform a variety of actions in front of you.

2. EroticMP


On this website, there are several reviews, the majority of them are published honestly so that you may determine which establishments are trustworthy and which ones are dubious. EroticMP is a must-visit if you’re looking for a website that will direct you to hot back rubs and other services because making appointments on this site is so simple.

If you are determined to have your massage from locations listed on listing websites, you really must conduct some preliminary research to ensure that you are visiting the proper location. EroticMP wants to assist you in finding the greatest massage for relaxation—and, of course, in getting laid afterwards.

3. MPReviews


This website, which has been around since 2001 and is renowned for its high-quality reviews, attracts a lot of visitors who are looking for the greatest locations, sexy massages, and happy endings.

They don’t openly discuss the erotic massage aspect; instead, they provide advice and user reviews on how to have the most successful and pleasurable massage. They also let you know about hidden costs before you decide to spend money on one.

The most contented customers of MPReviews have left more than 10,000 honest reviews, so you would know where to go if you also wanted something similar. Since everyone on this website remains anonymous, you won’t have to worry about sharing your authentic thoughts and feelings, which will be helpful for other users who want to experience that kind of release as well.

4. Private Delights

private delights

A well-known website called Private Delights presents itself as a “friend site.” In any case, it is a particular stage. Let’s say you need to meet a colleague for dinner while you’re in town on business and he’s brought along by his significant other. Obviously, you don’t want to feel alien, thus… Visitors to private delights do so for this reason.

The internet offers amazing services for locating a free partner who has been thoroughly vetted by balance. This person makes sure that their services are exactly what you need. The audience’s security is guaranteed by the stage. However, these go beyond the administrations I specifically specified. There are many administrations that serve the needs of both men and women. I say this because I have experienced times like these.

5. Spa Hunters

spa hunters

Spa Hunters is now one of the greatest websites that are comparable to RubMaps and even Backpage thanks to the introduction of a very large forum that allows members to comment on and review every massage parlor they’ve ever been to. Top Recommendations are also periodically updated, so Spa Hunters can assist you if you have some free time or simply want to unwind after a demanding week.

On this website, you can also find unique “talents.” These are stunning women who can offer you a hard-on and a massage, allowing you to enjoy your time in any parlor of your choosing.

6. CityXGuide


Many girls are eager to do extra services for you on this website. You’d discover a lot of nations on their list, and the listings are updated frequently so you can simply find an erotic massage nearby. It functions more like an escort directory. You could tell that the majority of the females on this website are all legitimate and legal because they are all a part of larger third-party businesses. Even though the website focuses on the US market, the inclusion of a few other nations in their list is surprising.

You can get in touch with someone who has caught your attention immediately, and you’ll soon find a happy ending. Everything is easy and seamless with CityXGuide. The service emphasizes the discretion and privacy of its users, therefore there are no additional fees or even a paper trail left behind.

7. AAMP Maps


This Rubmaps option can assist you in finding your ideal sensual massage establishment nearby. They primarily use Asian women to massage customers, and by visiting AAMP Maps, you can learn more about different types of massages, their quality, and how much they would cost. You will find back rubs, Nuru massage, prostate, and body to body massages on this website since they have conducted significant research on the many sorts of massages available to you.

Since free visitors only see a small portion of the site’s content, you must first register for an account in order to fully enjoy it. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll have access to exclusive features on the website that will help you find happiness by catering to your preferences, needs, and more. You can discuss and rate the sites you’ve visited in the forum, and other users will do the same. You’ll be aware of the locations with the highest-caliber massages as well as many other things.

8. BedPage


It includes cities all around the world and organizes them by province or state so you can quickly navigate and see if there is a nearby massage parlor. It has the same look as your regular Craigslist or Backpage website. They have a large number of locations available, and their categories are so broad that you may find a listing of a variety of things, from the common and customary services to sexual services, which is what we’re here for.

You can select from erotic massages, adult employment, BDSM, escort services, and bodyrub categories in their adult ads. You can start contacting local masseuses and making your way to a happy ending if you’ve identified categories that you enjoy and have searched in your area. The listings on BedPage contain photos so you can see what your masseuse for the evening will look like and contact information so you can simply get in touch with them.

9. AdultSearch


An erotic massage website with a presence in the Netherlands that charges consenting people for massage and sexual services. Since this website has been around for the past 20 years, we’ve seen that it receives about 14 million monthly visitors, making it a well-known sex market all over the world. The site offers a wide variety of adult-related services and activities, so you can never run out of things to do there. If you aren’t from a major city, you can just start exploring from the country where they have their lists sorted. It’s a terrific site all around since in addition to advertising erotic massage parlors, you can also find ads for gay bathhouses, swingers clubs, strip clubs, and escort services. There are also adult forums available, which encourage member engagement and allow anyone to openly discuss sex and other issues. You can locate one or more sexy massage parlors nearby no matter where you are. If you’re unsure, you can look at their reviews first, but you can be sure that they’re authentic because many customers post sincere comments about their products and services.

10. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder

A must-visit website for everyone looking for intimate and casual affairs is Adult Friend Finder. You can not only locate some sexy women prepared to give you an erotic massage, but also have a one-night stand with them! Additionally, it attracted more than 80 million users who make use of the platform’s favored communication capabilities.

In fact, people actively seek out sensual encounters and intriguing relationships online. You can undoubtedly engage in a variety of amazing actions here that will finally pique your erotic interests. The Adult Friend Finder website is also straightforward to use and rather quick to navigate. Above all, being a registered user of this website will only take a little under five minutes.

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