What are the features of YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium

Sign up for YouTube Premium; a paid service offered every month to enhance your time spent watching videos on the web’s most popular website. To help its viewers save money, YouTube now offers a premium subscription service called YouTube Premium. 

For a monthly fee, YouTube Premium subscribers can watch videos without interruption from ads, save videos and audio for later watching, and gain access to exclusive material created by famous YouTubers.

As producers see their video ad income dwindle, they increasingly fill their videos with extra advertising. Features of YouTube Premium allows you to skip commercials while still giving money to the creators.

  • Videos on YouTube are ad-free

The lack of adverts is the main selling feature of YouTube Premium. Other methods exist to bypass YouTube’s advertisements, but they aren’t approved by the company and cost the producer’s money. No commercials will appear on any device, including smart TV apps, video game consoles, mobile phones, and other similar devices.

The rising use of ad-blocking software partially inspired YouTube Premium. YouTube has dominated the market for free video distribution for a long time, but the cost of hosting and streaming those films is high. YouTube will have to look for new ways to make money if users continue to reject adverts.

We get that it could be more pleasant to see a 30-second YouTube video followed by a 15-second ad before you can view the actual video. Do you wish to eliminate them? With YouTube Premium, you can do so in a way that benefits both YouTube and its creators.

YouTube says it distributes its Premium users’ payments to the channels its viewers enjoy. By subscribing to Premium and watching your favourite channels, you are helping those channels generate revenue that would otherwise come from advertisements.

  • Unrestricted Viewing of YouTube Originals

YouTube Premium is worth it even if you don’t mind the advertisements because of its other services. When YouTube Premium launched, subscribers could watch a library of shows explicitly created for the service.

However, YouTube made most of its Original content available to everyone after it discontinued the series in early 2022. YouTube Originals material will now be available to free users with advertisements. Most Originals programming is accessible to anyone, despite the company’s ambiguous statement that “only certain episodes may be available for streaming at a particular time.”

However, there are still Originals-related bonuses for YouTube Premium subscribers. Subscribers not only enjoy commercial-free viewing but also gain access to exclusive extras, including extended and deleted scenes.

You may check out what’s new on the YouTube Originals channel. Not everyone can watch videos that have the “Premium” label attached to them. It’s a different situation if you’re interested in something being offered.

  • You get access to YouTube Music Premium at no extra cost.

Access to YouTube Music Premium is included with a YouTube Premium subscription. YouTube Music is Google’s music streaming service. The previous service, Google Play Music, will be shut down in 2020.

Like Spotify and other music streaming services, YouTube Music is free to use. In addition to having an ad-free experience, playing music in the background, and downloading songs for offline listening, YouTube Music Premium subscribers also receive access to these features.

You get a lot more for your $9.99/month with YouTube Premium, thanks to the inclusion of YouTube Music Premium. Those who don’t currently pay for a music streaming service like Spotify, Apple Music, or another comparable service can save money by bundling two separate memberships.

  • Video Downloads and Background Play

The enhancements above to YouTube Premium will be available across your devices. However, there are several benefits unique to mobile viewing.

One advantage is that you may save films for later viewing on your iOS or Android device with YouTube Premium. Enjoy your favourite movies everywhere, like on an aeroplane, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

You can also enable background play on YouTube’s mobile apps. Your video will keep playing regardless of whether you have it full screen. If you frequently watch long films on YouTube but are only interested in the audio, this will come in handy. By turning off the screen, you may save power and extend the life of your phone.

If you’re a parent, you’ll be pleased to know that the YouTube Kids app shares the same ad-free and offline features as the regular YouTube app.

How to watch Amazon Prime for free?

When it comes to OTT (over-the-top) services, Amazon Prime Video is among the most widely used, both in India and around the world. The streaming service provides materials in numerous languages and genres.

A membership to Amazon Prime Video is essential, as it offers content suitable for viewers of all ages. On the other hand, you might only be aware that Amazon Prime Video is available with paying a dime. The answer is yes. This article will explore the various methods available for How to watch Amazon Prime for free?

Find out how to watch Prime Video for free by reading on.

Amazon Prime Video is a significant competitor to other streaming services like Netflix and Disney+. On the other hand, you can get your fill of free television and movies, too.

Try out Amazon Prime Video for free.

The best way to get a free Amazon Prime Video membership is to sign up for a free trial. You will only be charged if you cancel before the trial period ends.

To try out Amazon Prime Video, join up here. Since the free trial is associated with your Amazon account, you could sign up for many Amazon accounts and conduct the test on each one.

Consider including membership to Amazon Prime Video with your next phone purchase.

Amazon Prime Video is included in the Metro by T-Mobile plans available to readers. In addition, you’ll be able to use Prime’s other features, like one-day shipping, flash deals, music streaming, and e-books. 

O2 customers who sign up for a new phone contract can receive a free trial of Amazon Prime Video lasting up to six months. Customer choices also include Audible and Amazon Music Unlimited.

if you like listen the prime music please go to the site amazon.com/code 

Sign up for Amazon Household

Suppose a family member already has an Amazon Prime membership and is willing to share it with you. In that case, you can use Amazon Household to watch Amazon Prime Video at no additional cost. You can also save money by sharing a subscription with a group of people.

To add a new member to your Amazon Household, you (or a family member) must do the following steps:

Please visit the Amazon Household page; signing in may be required.

  • Pick if you want to include an adult or a kid.
  • Put the person’s full name and email address in the corresponding fields.
  • Sign over your account information and payment authorization to the other party.
  • All it takes to extend an invitation is a quick email, and the recipient has 14 days to say yes.


Upgrade to YouTube Premium if you watch a lot of videos per month. It allows you to listen, download, and stream music without interruptions. The cost of YouTube Premium will quickly be recouped if you use the service many times daily. When you sign up, you’ll be helping to sustain the careers of creators who would otherwise be overlooked by competing streaming platforms. 

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