Wearable Device Shipments For 2020 Grew 28.4% To 444.7M Units Globally, Led By Apple Which Grew 27.2% In Q4 And Has 36.2% Marketshare, Followed By Xiaomi At ~9% (IDC)

444.7m apple q4 xiaomi

2020 Wearable device shipment grew 28.4%, to 444.7M units worldwide, led by Apple, which grew 27.2% Q4, followed by Xiaomi at 9.9% — The fourth quarter 2020 (4Q20) saw a global increase in wearable devices reaching 153.5 million, an increase of…
wearable 444.7m apple xiaomi
wearable 444.7m q4,
wearable 444.7m apple xiaomi,
444.7m apple q4 xiaomi,
wearable 444.7m q4 xiaomi,
wearable 444.7m apple,
444.7m q4 xiaomi,
wearable 444.7m apple q4 xiaomi,
444.7m apple q4,
wearable 444.7m apple q4,
444.7m apple xiaomi,
wearable 444.7m xiaomi,
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444.7m q4,
444.7m apple

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