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COD Warzone Bunker Codes You are a gamer of Call of Duty and are in need of bunker codes for warzones? You’re in the right spot. Here you can find all Call of Duty bunker codes for warzones and bunker places.

Call of Duty Warzone has 12 bunkers that range between 0 and 11. Some of the bunkers, including Rebirth Island Bunker, for instance. Rebirth Island Bunker merely interesting easter eggs, and gamers have access to certain bunkers in seeking out better equipment.

There are two ways to get there. The first is to make use of an access card that is red, and the other option is entering an 8-digit code for a warzone bunker. In this article we will provide a complete explanation of the various Warzone bunker codes as well as an explanation of every location as well as a map.

Recent Post Update – 7th August 2022

Warzone Bunker Codes (August 2022)

This is the complete listing of bunker codes for warzones which allow you to unlock bunker locations by entering the eight digits of the unique code below.

  • Prison – 72948531
  • Farmland – 49285163
  • TV Station – 27495810
  • North Junkyard – 87624851
  • South Junkyard – 97264138
  • Park (Nuke) – 60274513

Warzone Bunker Prison Code

To the to the west of the Zordaya Prison more Complex is an unassuming shack. This shack appears boring and cannot be accessible, but prior to the nuclear event it was equipped with an electronic keypad that was located in the doo.

If the keypad is returned is not working, you can utilize the Prison code and then head inside to pick up an amazing amount of loot. The Prison code for Warzone Bunker can be found at 72948531. You could copy and then get the Prison Location from COD.


Warzone Bunker Farmland Code

The Farmland code for Warzone Bunker’s Bunker code is 49285163. You could copy and then get an exact Farmland Location from COD


Warzone Bunker TV Station Code

Television stations are an arduous task to install. However, if you are able to get slightly further east, you’ll find another shack which used to be locked using keys. It is no longer necessary for the keypad to be entered, however in the event that it is returned keypad, here’s the code you needed to enter previously.

The Television Station Warzone Bunker Code is 27495810, you can copy it and find the TV Station’s location in COD


Warzone Bunker North Junkyard Code

The North Junkyard code of Warzone Bunker is 87624851. You may simply copy and obtain this code. North Junkyard Location in COD


Warzone Bunker South Junkyard Code

The South Junkyard code for Warzone Bunker is 97264138.. You could copy it and then get an exact South Junkyard Location in COD


Warzone Bunker Park (Nuke) Code

The Park (Nuke) code for Warzone Bunker is 60274513 you can copy it and then get this code. Park (Nuke) address in COD


COD Warzone Bunker Locations

Here’s a complete list of the of the original Warzone bunker sites. If you’re searching for the latest bunkers that require Warzone Bunker codes to access, then we list the entire call of duty warzone bunker codes.

In addition, you can examine the map for visual references. However, be aware that certain locations in the warzone are located close to each other, therefore the indications in the map might be a bit off. If you’re confused, the following descriptions should clarify things clear.


  • 00: At the West coast to the south of Promenade go down the cliff, as if you were going to be off-limits to seek for this slyly hidden location.
  • 01 02: North of the turn southwest of Boneyard and the kart track.
  • 02: Follow north on the same road as the bunker before.
  • 03 Just next to 02 bunker. However, you’ll have to walk into a trap door.
  • 04: Dam Southeast, in the cliffs over the sign, which is Russian.
  • 2005: The Crash Site west side.
  • 06 is located on the extreme east of the map, between Lumber and Quarry just above the tunnel for trains.
  • 07 08: East of northeast of the Stadium TV station. Look for a trap door.
  • 08: Opposite 07 bunker, steps inside head down.
  • 09 Prison Northeast is cut into the cliff, below the bridge.
  • 10. Tavorsk Park South of on Verdansks southern edge.

Looting Bunkers In Warzone – Best Tips

Here we provide the top strategies for looting Bunkers within Warzone. This may be common sense to seasoned players, but we offer some great strategies for new players.

Importance of Vehicles

Vehicles are very useful to get into bunkers, looting them leaving safe and swiftly. But, they can be noisy, which can draw unwanted attention in the game.

It is therefore necessary to get your car off a distance away from the Warzone Bunker location and then proceed on foot.


Although it is difficult to be watching for your in-game team one of the players should be on the lookout for team members who may be approaching your position. If not, it could be simple for team members to snatch you off as you go out to steal the entirety of your Warzone game-related loot.

Clear Surroundings

In any case, even for the bunkers that are located near the game’s prison in the game, you need to clean the area around it first, or else you may be targeted when you exit. Many players find it amusing to sit at Warzone bunker exits. So make sure that you are safe to go into the bunker and then leave.

About COD Warzone Bunker

Warzone Bunker can be described as a hidden location that nobody can access during the game. Other items that are locked away and not disclosed are computer systems that are password-locked and phones. This COD Warzone Bunker Codes article we’ll discuss how to create a bunker within COD Warzone as well as the game’s passwords to the computer, and also how to access the phone. We have noticed that recently, these codes cannot be used within the game as of yet however, we hope that the coming patch will bring significant modifications in Call of Duty Warzone.

Data miners have found the key to how to reach the bunkers located in COD Warzone. It is believed that the next update will allow the player’s Access card within Call of Duty Warzone. Key cards are the only means to open the doors to the bunker.

COD Warzone Bunker Doors Open Using Access Cards

It’s not been possible to achieve this However, Red Access cards are commonly seen within Legendary loot drops from COD Warzone. According to numerous news sources, it’s also the case that there are two additional kinds of keys within the game.

They’re blue and green which indicates the different kinds of bunker levels available in Warzone. In accordance with the kind of access you have, you can unlock weapons as well as safe houses, workstations and so on. In your COD Warzone game.

A bunker is typically an effective hiding spot in a conflict zone or something that could take the place of an entrance. Players can gather in bunkers or retreat from attacks coming in which makes bunkers the ideal place to recharge and collect consumables numerous other. Some bunkers we visited are big and empty.

A recent chat Call of Duty developers have disclosed the reason for the game’s huge download size. They’ve aimed for different game modes as well as realistic graphics, which contribute to the massive dimensions of game. It also seems to hint towards COD having a lot of new content through DLC and updates in the near future.

Recent updates have brought keycards into the game. Players are said to be searching for the loot boxes for them. However, they’re performing nothing, being used as inventory slots. The next step is an update which will enable items that will let gamers open bunker doors and terminals for computers. More than eleven bunker doors are available within the keyboard game. If you touch them but the sound will be blocked unless you are using the right code.

It’s not specific how the access card will be involved in unlocking bunkers but as patches are released, up, players can use this access card to gain access to certain. Twitch users have the ability to enter the bunker through glitches, however it was not open.

COD Warzone Bunker New Update

It is true that Bunker inside Call of Duty Warzone can be locked with the help of a key card. It is necessary to locate the access cards that unlock the doors of the bunker hidden in the famous golden orange case.

Boxes aren’t common, but you can find them inside hangars at airports. You can also find an access card that is red in the blue box. There’s a brand new card indicator at the lower left corner part of your screen just below the armor and health bars. The card icon displays the number of access cards that you actually own.

The general rule is that Call of Duty Warzone includes 12 bunkers. The red card allows players to gain access to five bunkers. The most common feature of five bunkers is that you do require separate entrances, your access code and gates are just on the outside of the building.

Inside the bunker, players will be able to unlock tons of treasure. You’ll find a variety of blue and orange colored boxes. There is a second door beneath the bunker that can’t be opened by using a bunker code warzone access code in red.

Non-keypad Warzone Bunker

If you wish to gain access to the treasures in the bunker, without having a keyboard, you’ll need to find the red access card first. They are extremely scarce and are only located in legendary crates and even then, they’re not guaranteeable. However, getting access cards is only one part of the challenge Now you have to make it to the bunker safely.

It’s a lot easier to do than it is done, because players will continue to visit these locations hoping to grab the items to themselves. There is also the chance that a player might try to take your card away before having an opportunity to use it. If you get into the Warzone Bunker in one piece Congratulations and enjoy your reward.

COD Warzone Bunker 11

Bunker 11 differs from other bunkers that you can find in Warzone. It is located north of the base, and it doesn’t require an access card to get in. There’s a lot work required getting the loot into and you’ll need to know how to track several phones as well as translate Russian.

It’s not only about finding an old telephone. It is necessary to find an unlocked phone that can play messages in Russian and any phone that is identified with iconography of blue on the maps is probably accurate. When you have found it and can hear the message, you’ve written it down and are able to move towards the following step.

Once you’ve got the three numbers, check the map below to locate the numbers. They are specific to phones, and it’s easy to figure out which phones to search for. You have to meet them to hear their original voice. Go to each while listening to message they transmit.

Warzone Bunker Codes FAQs

Here are some questions to ask about Warzone Bunker Code

Q. Which Warzone Bunker codes are available within COD? COD Game?

Ans. At present there are 6 Warzone Bunker codes that are included in the game which includes all Warzone Bunkers.

Q. How can I get to the loot within the Bunker Without a Keyboard?

Answer. If you want to get into the bunker, without keyboard therefore you require an access card in red.

Q. How Many Bunkers in COD Warzone Game?

Answer. 12 Bunkers are available in the COD Warzone Game that is number 00 through 11.

Q. What is the Park Bunker Code Warzone?

Ans. Park Bunker Code is 60274513.

Q. What are all Call Of Duty Warzone Bunker Codes?

Ans. All COD Warzone Bunker Codes are Prison – 72948531, Farmland – 49285163, TV Station – 27495810, North Junkyard – 87624851, South Junkyard – 97264138, and Park (Nuke) – 60274513.


Hope you enjoyed our blog post about COD Warzone Bunker Codes that can help you find bunker locations, as well as lots of loots. We also gave the complete details about each bunker as well as how to access an unkeypad Warzone bunker and a red Access Card. If you’ve got any queries regarding Warzone Bunker Codes you can ask them in the comment box.

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