Urochart vs NueMD: Best EMR for Urology 2022

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Different practice management tools are available for physicians; some focus on particular features for specialty support. Many EMR (electronic medical record) management tools focus on urology too. Urochart and NueMD are two options for urology support. Each offers critical features that can also be used to simplify administrative management at clinics. This Urochart vs NueMD guide will compare them to decide which software is better for you.

IntrinsiQ’s UroChart EHR is a urology-specific software solution. UroChart EHR’s key features include insurance eligibility checks, electronic medical records (EMR), simple navigation, multi-ser accessibility, and more. It strives to improve patient care by automating activities and aligning integrated operations. This cloud-based program is intended to increase efficiency. It was created by a urologist and is based on the idea that urology-specific solutions lead to improved patient care.

AdvancedMD’s NueMD Electronic Health Records software (EHR) is a patient management software that provides medical billing services. It is simple to use and provides a cloud-based customized application for almost 100 specialties, making it appropriate for small to medium-sized clinics. ONC-ATCB has validated NueMD EHR software for stage 2 meaningful use.

Urochart EMR 

Key Features 

Electronic Prescription 

Most urologists’ first priority is ensuring their patients’ confidence and security. UroChart facilitates this effort by avoiding the misuse of controlled drugs. It aids providers in preventing fraud and ensuring complete information security. They may quickly generate and share prescriptions with selected pharmacies online while also keeping track of everything. This saves users significant time, allowing them to concentrate on patient care.

Patient Portal  

This EHR software includes a sophisticated patient interface that allows patients to participate more actively in their care. It allows patients to communicate with their clinicians remotely, eliminating the need for them to visit the clinic for minor issues. Patients may also utilize the site to make appointments, connect with clinicians, obtain medication refills, access their health data, and examine test results. It also features a built-in messaging function to help in communication. The patient portal is one of the most well-liked parts of this urology-specific software solution.


Healthcare practitioners require sophisticated communication technologies to provide their patients with the most secure and dependable remote services. The UroChart telemedicine technology facilitates safe virtual connections with patients. With a few clicks, clinicians may offer remote care sessions from anywhere. This option is perfect for those who are unable to travel due to medical issues or large distances. They may receive immediate care from the comfort of their own homes, using a mobile device or computer.

UroChart EMR Pricing  

The UroChart EMR pricing is customized for users based on the size of their practice. You can get a customized quote from the UroChart sales team.

UroChart EMR Demo 

By watching a demo, you can easily decide if UroChart is a suitable EMR for your practice. The demo will highlight the different functions of the software as well as help you understand its features before you purchase a subscription plan. The UroChart EMR demo will also answer any questions you might have about the software.

UroChart EHR Reviews 

According to the UroChart EHR reviews, it is easy-to-use software with a contemporary user interface. It is simple to use, and the learning curve is also manageable. There are various urology-specific customizable templates pre-installed to support urology practices.


Key Features 

Patient Ticketing 

The NueMD The Ticketing Module generates and prints patient bills, collects billing charges, and applies payments to accounts. This feature can post all diagnoses, treatments, and macros. It can also be used to publish all payments, including line-item insurance payments and co-pays. Physicians can even enter charges and make other changes affecting ticket amounts. Furthermore, you can create suggestions and reminders, as well as open any new tickets generated by your EHR and keep track of innumerable patients.

ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) 

Government and business payments are immediately posted in real-time using the Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA). All allowed amounts, deductibles, coinsurance, payments, rejections, and contractual allowances are recorded in patient accounts promptly. Furthermore, you will never have to scan another Remittance Advice (RA). NueMD generates an RA-like report that may be printed or saved. Gather all of your data online and ensure that your information is safe.

Client Management 

With NueMD’s schedule management technology, many medical practitioners can watch patients from arrival to departure. Appointment reminder calls can assist reduce no-show patients, and any schedule changes can be displayed on staff mobile devices. A patient portal, a library of letter and form templates, analytics on patient accounts, and other data are also available.

NueMD Pricing  

NueMD is available in three packages: Practice Solution, Total Solution, and Ultimate Solution. The Ultimate Solution varies depending on the number of users and the level of help required. NueMD EHR price also includes a personal transition liaison and onsite support options.

NueMD EMR Demo 

If you are interested in learning about the benefits of the NueD ERM, you can also request a demo. The NueMD demo will help you see it from different angles before you purchase it.

NueMD EHR Reviews 

According to NueMD reviews, it is a trustworthy EHR that can also be utilized to make patient scheduling easier for practitioners.

Conclusive Remarks 

UroChart improves a doctor’s ability to focus on the patient rather than the paperwork. It links patients with their doctors via an integrated patient portal, provides a discrete data gathering function, and aids in the reduction of transcribing expenses. The program has a distinct UI and an excellent mobile web browser with solid usability. The patient portal also allows users to view their prescriptions, medical data, and diagnoses, book appointments, and seek prescription refills.

NueMD medical billing software is created for medical practice support. Many medical specialties use it to handle scheduling, billing, health records, reporting, and other functions to recoup investment and improve day-to-day operations swiftly.

The ultimate choice is yours. You can watch the demos of NueMD and UroChart to choose the option that is suitable for your work.

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