Unexpected Medical Care You Could Incur After a Car Accident

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People who have been injured in a car accident must have appropriate diagnosis and treatment. In general, such expenses are expected following a collision. But victims can incur other unexpected expenses. If you are one of these victims, you should contact a car accident attorney from Delventhal Law to know your legal options and protect your rights. Your attorney will walk you through the different expenses related to a car accident you may not anticipate. These include the following:


You probably won’t think about the ambulatory costs because you believe they are covered by your tax dollars. But government municipalities tend to have agreements with private ambulance companies to minimize tax burdens on citizens. Then, they transfer the service cost to those who need it. Therefore, you may need to pay for your ambulance ride from the crash scene. If you sustained traumatic injuries and must be lifted from the accident scene, you may also face a huge bill for this service. 

Medical Equipment

If you sustained some kinds of injury such as broken bones or spinal cord injuries, you may need medical equipment for helping you get around. Medical equipment costs may be substantial, particularly if you have to use an electric scooter. 

If you suffered minor injuries, you may perform some exercises at home that requires the use of bands, balance trainers, or cervical traction devices. In addition, you may need to use other devices like crutches, forearm crutches, walking sticks, knee scooters, or artificial limbs. 

Home and Care Modifications

As with medical equipment, some car-accident-related injuries may require home or vehicle modifications. For instance, if the accident left you paralyzed, you may need to have access to a stairlift at home and hand brakes in your car. 

Aside from indoor home modifications, you may also need outdoor modifications like wheelchair ramps at the driveway. Such modifications can lead to huge expenses that you may not think about before the injury. 

Personalized Medical Care

Whether you live alone or live with somebody who have a full-time job, you may find it hard to do things without assistance following a debilitating injury. Thus, you may need somebody to help you with this. You could hire a caregiver to help you with activities of daily living or move to a care facility. Personalized medical care is often expensive, even if you have health insurance. 

But these unexpected costs may not be covered by your health insurance because they arise from a car accident. if your insurance covers it, you may have to pay deductibles, copays, and out-of-pocket minimums.

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