Twilio Stock Soars As Q4 Revenue Crushes Expectations

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The leader in application infrastructure Twilio today announced revenues that easily topped Wall Street’s expectations. It also reported a profit which was on par with expectations and a forecast for the coming quarter’s revenues that are higher also.

The news was a major catalyst for Twilio shares climbing by 24% as of late trading.

The positive report comes after an update in October that led to a drop in Twilio stocks because of a drop in retention of customers in the period.

Chief Executive Officer and Founding Director Jeff Lawson remarked that the quarter “capped off an incredible year of earnings as we generated greater than $2.8 billion of revenue and grew 61% year-over-year.”

The company added Lawson, “The combination of our top cloud communications platform and Twilio Segment’s most popular customer data platform offers Twilio an unrivalled view of the customer journey and I’ve never felt more excited over the potential of Twilio than I am right now.”


The revenue for the three months ending in December increased 54% year-over-year up to $842.7 million, resulting in the company a net loss of 20 cents per share, which excludes some expenses.

Analysts had projected $773 million, with the share price was negative 20 cents.

Twilio completed its quarter on a high with 256,000 “active customers with active accounts” the company said, which is an increase of 16% over the previous-year period.

In the Q3 report, the number of customers who stayed with us decreased from year to year. The company’s dollar-based net growth rate fell from 139 percent to 126% during the period, the company said.

In the current quarter, the company anticipates revenue between $855 and $865 million and a its net loss per share of the range of around 22 to 26 cents. This is in contrast to the consensus estimate of $824.8 million, and a 6-cent profit per share.

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