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The True Piece

True Piece Roblox Game where you can play as an earthmover, or privateer. You will love its unique features and captivating in-greatness gameplay. By using the game’s protected and threatening powers, you can improve your position. You can use various powers to increase your status on the planet, such as fight power, different weapon capacities, engaging in examination and social occasion items. These are the basic but essential components of True Piece. We should continue to work on the True Piece Wiki.

What’s the latest?

The game distributors will send out new codes to the players. The codes can be used by the players to receive the gifts.

What are these codes’ qualities?

  • These codes have a time limit. It expires after a certain time so it is smart to use it before it slips away.
  • You can recover the codes if they have been lost. This will allow you to secure comparative benefits.
  • Your codes will show you that you can receive gifts with codes such as race, gems and turns.

Veritable Piece Wiki codes

  • 25KLIKES – These codes can be used to get a lift for one hour and three benefit turns for free.
  • 40KFAVS: This code will grant you 30 jewels and 2 benefits turns.
  • 1MILLVISIT – You can get 30 pearls and a drop expansion within an hour. There are also 3 benefit turns.
  • LETSGO10K – 50 pearls, 2 hours droplifts and 5 benefit turns.

These are the codes that you can use to receive a few gifts of your choosing. You could also spend cash on it. You should not expect a portion of the codes to be omitted.

How do you recover the codes?

  • True Piece Wiki allows you to visit the original site of the game or download the game directly from your computer or compact.
  • You can open the Recuperation Decision by going to Settings
  • The codes can be redeemed and you will reap the benefits.

The codes are generally distributed by game planners via online media platforms; information can also be found on many news worldwide. After opening the codes, you will be able to enter the code to gain the gifts.


Gifts are a great way to show your love for games. These codes, which are provided by True Piece Wiki, we trust would be of value to you.

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