TikTok: What’s TikTok? Firetruck Game? The Reason You Shouldn’t Play It

what's the firetruck game

With “97 per cent” trending on TikTok an online game that you shouldn’t be playing is now being played. What is the Firetruck Game?

Following the tragic death of Sarah Everard in the UK Females have been vocal through social networks about the challenges women face every day. The Firetruck game has been viewed by many women as a shrewd sexual harassment game you shouldn’t accept to play, and here’s the reason.

“97 Percent” trend on TikTok explained how the “97 per cent” TikTok trend was explained

“97 Percent “97 percent” The trend has taken over TikTok and transmitting a powerful message via social media.

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A study conducted by UN Women UKreleased in March 2021, found in March 2021 that 97% percent of females 18-24 have experienced sexual harassment and that a majority of the UK females have experienced an act or form of harassment.

The study also showed that 96% of women who had been subject to sexual harassment did not declare it, as they believed that it would not make a difference.

In the wake of the “97 per cent” trend on TikTok the game that could be used to harass women sexually is being played, dubbed “firetruck game.”

What exactly is this game called? Firetruck game?


— rylie (@snailgirlie) March 17, 2021

It’s a Fire Truck game is actually an arcade game in black and white from 1978 that is now completely different.

The Firetruck game is usually played between women and men. The man inquires if they can play in the “firetruck game,” where he continues to touch her entire body, until she is ready to say “stop.”

The most difficult aspect of the game is that when the female tells the man “red light,” the man must say: “fire trucks don’t stop at red lights” and continue to touch her with no permission.

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There are many reasons why you shouldn’t play Firetruck Game

Although the Firetruck game may appear to be like a harmless game initially however, it can result with sexual harassment.

Social media users of women admit that the firetruck game is one of the earliest form of sexual assault that are accepted in the younger years especially during high school.

Stop making firetrucks a game. It’s not a game but it is a risky kind of harassment sexually.

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