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Ahead of EVO in August, the Lahore-based Tekken prodigy Arslan Ash displayed his prowess once again and reigned supreme at the 3v3 competition ‘Red Bull The Pit’ in Minnesota, USA.

At this point, after every major Tekken tournament in the globe, you just know this narrative is coming. “And once again, here’s your winner… Arslan Ash!” That’s the bottom line pretty much every month now. So… here we go again. Even after winning EVO twice and being crowned the ESPN Esports Player of the Year 2019 and several other accolades, Arslan Ash’s hunger has not subsided.

Climbing to the top was one thing, remaining at the top is another.

Arslan Ash is hell keen on preserving his throne. And thus far, he seems to have not lost any focus at all as he adds one more W under his belt. The most recent one occurred in 3v3 Tekken tournament Red Bull The Pit, held last week in Minnesota, US. Red Bull The Pit was a different venture than the normal Tekken tournaments. The 3v3 format prompted the contestants to pair up who are generally used to playing alone. The question here was if players can also be good team players. And Ash proved to be one.

Ash stated, “My experience was excellent, and I thought the event was quite enjoyable.” “The competition was wild. The idea was brilliant. I had a fantastic experience.” One could conclude that he was sincere based on his wild emotions during the event.

“This was a 3v3 format, so instead of playing alone, you had to rely on your team and employ a more comprehensive plan. You had to not only perform, but also lead the team and inspire them to perform as well, he stated.

Ash’s methodical strategy paid off, as he overcame Anakin’s team in the Winner’s Final en route to the Grand Final, where he fought and defeated Cuddle Core’s squad. The Pakistani Tekken expert was pleased during the event, but especially after his victory, when he tweeted, “We did it!” This may indicate that Ash is more prepared than ever for EVO 2022, which will take place in Las Vegas in early August. Let’s go to hell!

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