Sonos Q1: Revenue Of $ 664.5M, Up 3% YoY, Vs. $ 637M Est., Net Income Of $ 123.5M, Down From $ 132.3M Last Year, And Predicts $ 2B In Revenue In 2022; Stock Up 8% +

sonos 664.5m yoy 637m 123.5m 132.3m

Sonos Q1 revenues of $ 664.5M which is up 3 percent YoY, up from. 637 million at the time of reporting. Net earnings of $ 123.5M less than $ 132.3M last year. forecasts revenue of $ 2 billion for 2022. The stock is rising by 8%.+ Sonos reported that revenue for the first quarter increased by 3% per year to the sum of 664.5 million. The speaker maker Sonos today released its revenues for the quarter…

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sonos q1 664.5m yoy 637m 123.5m

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