Snapchat Egg Hunt – Will There Be A Snapchat Egg Hunt 2022

when does the easter egg hunt start on snapchat

Easter Egg Hunt on Snapchat Is there a Snapchat Egg Hunt in 2022?

Is Snapchat doing the egg hunt 2022

We weren’t sure if it would return this year or if it would be a virtual experience. The company has confirmed that it will be an amazing experience next time.

Why was there not a Snapchat egg hunt?

However, even the quarantine in 2022 had no effect on the hunting. Snapchat has made it much easier to find eggs in your home instead of going out.

2022: Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt

Egg hunts involve looking for digital eggs in the famous landmarks of the world that are featured in the selfie camera of Snapchat. The game requires users to look through Snap Maps for eggs in Snapchat.

How do I do what’s called the Snapchat egg hunt?

  1. Launch your Snapchat app.
  2. Tap and hold on the camera screen to access the Snap Map.
  3. Find and tap as many eggs as you can.
  4. After tapping it, the egg will break open the camera, and a large egg will be wrapped in the form of a ribbon.

How to Capture Golden Eggs

If you find eggs, regardless of whether they are golden or not, utilise the camera that is rear-facing to take pictures of the eggs. You can locate Golden Eggs on Snapchat by searching for them in tiny bundles of eggs that are coloured across the globe.

In rare instances, on rare occasions, golden eggs are sometimes located on their own. Every Easter egg counts for one point, while the golden eggs have a value of five points.

when does the easter egg hunt start on snapchat 2021

Is Snapchat conducting its own Easter Egg Hunt in 2022?

SNAPCHAT has announced the cancellation of its wildly popular Easter Egg Hunt game for 2022. If you’re feeling dissatisfied by the news, it’s not necessary to rub your fingers this weekend hoping that the Egg Hunt would return, as Snapchat offers different “eggcellent” games you can enjoy.

How do you do the egg hunt on Snapchat?

To play, open Snapchat and then swipe downwards to access the camera screen to access the Snap Map. Find famous landmarks in the vicinity and hunt for eggs. Then, tap any egg found on the map to add it to your basket. From 2 p.m. on Saturday until midnight on Sunday, take the most eggs you possibly can.

easter egg hunt Snapchat 2022
Snapchat easter egg hunt 2022
snapchat easter eggs 2022
when does the snapchat egg hunt start

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