Skincare Dos and Don’ts you need to heed

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There has to be a Bible for the skin as well. A science unto itself, skincare it not just a matter of washing your face once a day, it is about heeding to the ecosystem of your skin. 

There are many principles of skin care that when not followed, can not only cause it to become damaged in the present, but has ramifications for the future health of the skin as well. Hence, knowing some of the dos and don’ts of skincare is imperative. 

Skincare Dos and Don’ts

Do: Consult a doctor 

A lot of people keep putting off the visit to the doctor. However, there are many conditions that require the intervention of the Best Dermatologist in Karachi. Moreover, a doctor can spot and fix the issue in the earlier stage, so the problem does not become complicated. 

Do: Focus on hydrating your skin

Much like the rest of your body needs water to stay healthy, so does your skin. And while drying plenty of water is good, but for a supple, smooth, and healthy skin, you should also use products that hydrate your skin. 

Invest in a good quality moisturizer. Use it at least twice a day, but especially after you clean your face. Moreover, invest in hydrating products like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serums. 

Don’t: Go overboard on spending in skincare products

One key principle that many people forget when it comes to anything in life, but especially skin care, is that consistency is key. You cannot expect results overnight. Most products need weeks at a time to work. 

Therefore, when buying products, be mindful of your budget. While you can splurge once or twice, you cannot do so always. And rather than making an overambitious routine that you have to abandon right at the cusp of success, choose one that you can easily afford. Continue with it so that you can maintain your healthy skin. 

Don’t: Over exfoliate

Just like excess of anything is bad, over doing exfoliation can also make it harmful for your skin. While regular exfoliation helps in removing dead skin cells, improving skin cell turnover, and making your skin glow, too much of it can be hard for your skin to take. 

Alongside causing microdermabrasion, it can also lead to a compromised skin barrier. All these then posit different skin care issues. 

Therefore, try to exfoliate once or twice a week only. Try gentler methods or confer your doctor about the frequency and recommendation of the product to be used.

Don’t: Go to any expert 

Cosmetology is gaining traction, as more and more people are turning to procedures that help in improving the appearance of skin. However, not everyone has the right experience to do these procedures. 

And in the hands of rookies, these procedures can cause damage to the skin, rather than improving its appearance. Therefore, before visiting any such facility, check the experience and qualifications of the expert. Likewise, also see what technology they use, as outdated machines can also be ineffective. 

Don’t: Over complicate the routine 

While it may sound fancy that you have a 20-step skin routine, but performing it every day can be very tedious, and you might then not carry out any step from the fatigue of the routine. 

Thus, do not overcomplicate it. Make it practical by sticking to the basics. 

Don’t: Follow random tips 

There are many groups and similar avenues in which people swear by certain procedures, potions and processes that are otherwise not substantiated by experts. 

While anecdotal evidence is good, but you should always confer with an expert before partaking in any such venture. There are many things that are contingent on the skin type, so might not be for you to begin with. 

Similarly, many products available are not safe for consumption. Mixing different creams is also highly discouraged. And instead of then damaging your skin and running to the best Skin Specialists in Lahore, refrain from simply jumping into these magical fixes. Either do your due diligence, or best yet, consult an expert doctor before starting the regimen. 

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