Shortcuts to a good skin for the lazy souls who can’t be bothered

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You have to work hard at everything at life. Your life is a chore. Whether it is your job or domestic life, you are toiling constantly. And then the thought of working hard at having beautiful and healthy skin can be too cumbersome.

While some people enjoy the ritual of skincare, and good for them, others, not so much. Good news is that there are some shortcuts, that while might not be as gratifying as a hundred percent effort, can offer results that can be good enough.

However, for skin concerns like acne, or skin diseases or conditions, you should follow the regimen prescribed by the Skin Specialists in Rawalpindi rather than trying shortcuts.

Shortcuts to a healthy skin


A quick fix to dull, dry and uneven skin is exfoliation. Of course, the results will not be radical, it is not magic after all, but there is noticeable impact.

Moreover, consistent exfoliation helps in improving the appearance of skin over time. It aids in increasing skin cell turnover, which helps in improving texture of the skin.

There are multiple ways you can exfoliate; you can either use scrubs, that physically exfoliate the skin, or use acids that chemically exfoliate the skin. Since exfoliation needs to be done once or twice a week, it is perfect for those who are lazy.

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet refer to the wrinkles around the eyes. And while aging is natural, some people might have crow’s feet prematurely as well. There are shortcuts for dealing with this condition.

Firstly, sleep. Catch the quality shuteye that your body obviously needs. It helps in keeping your body and mind healthy, but also preventing premature aging.

Also, it is also helpful to wear SPF around the eyes; the area around the eyes is more fragile, and more prone to sun damage, and thus needs SPF. To further prevent damage, wear sunglasses.  It also helps to ice and moisturize the area to improve the appearance of wrinkles.

Have a stash of makeup wipes on your nightstand

There are days when you are bone tired and there is literally no energy left inside of you to clean your face. But if you sleep with your makeup on, you are doing a great disservice to your skin.

Sleeping with your makeup can cause breakouts, premature aging, and lead to skin problems. So, to prevent this very problem, and knowing very well you are a lazy person, have makeup wipes at arm’s length. And when you cannot be bothered to make it all the way to the bathroom to cleanse, you at least wipe the makeup off.

SPF is your skin-saver

One of the staples to a good skin is SPF. Sunlight has important role to play in your wellbeing, but it also contains harmful radiation that damages the skin. It causes premature aging, makes it dry, leads to hyperpigmentation and posits the risk of skin cancer.

Therefore, a quick way to ensure that your skin does not look dull and is healthy is by wearing sunscreen like your life depends on it. Wear it 30 minutes before going out and reapply it after every two hours. The sunscreen should have an SPF of at least 30.

Keep your hands off your face

You have this habit of putting your hands on your face but control yourself. When you continuously touch your face, you transfer all the gunk and bacteria to the face that lead to breakout.

Moreover, control your hands especially when there are zits on your face, and you want to pop them so bad. Squeezing or mauling the zit in any way, shape or form is not good for your skin; it can lead to scar formation and other problems. So, control yourself!

Visit your doctor!

Sometimes, the lack of a healthy skin can be attributed to some skin problem. Hence, it also helps to visit your Best Skin Specialist in Lahore to get an expert appraisal over your skin and the conditions that it might be facing.

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