Top 9 Sexy YouTubers in the World with Millions of Subscribers

Sexy YouTubers in the World

People have always felt compelled to record their experiences for future generations. Private journals can be used in many different ways to pass hours.

However, musings, also referred to as blogs, could take the place of rants and musings on personal weblogs. You can share your life’s experiences and stories with the world through online streaming platforms.

People today are quite intelligent, and technology has advanced. They are pointing their cameras outward and showing the world their faces.

There are many different types of video vlogging these days, which is becoming more widespread.

For instance, some people only discuss their thoughts, while others do interviews with people and discuss their lives. Every year, dozens of videos are uploaded to YouTube.

YouTuber stars are another name for vloggers, and in this case, we’re talking about hot YouTubers. Additionally, fitness vloggers showcase healthy lifestyles for the audience’s wellbeing.

Additionally, vlogging may be used for publicity or to gain notoriety. It is a means of educating and entertaining people. Real-life celebrities who have millions of views or subscribers on YouTube.

In their videos, they are the focus of attention, and they have gained popularity over time. YouTuber celebrities attracted attention for a variety of reasons, including the fact that some of them have attractive and seductive looks. Let’s check out which beautiful YouTuber has the most subscribers.

Let’s checkout the top sexy youtubers in the world.

1. Jenna Marbles – 14.5 Million

Jenna Marbles

Jeena Marbles is without a doubt the hottest YouTuber. With her realistic and humorous content, the lady is quite attractive and down to earth. More than 14.5 million people subscribe to Jenna.

Jenna N. Mourey is the sexiest YouTuber’s true name, but Jenna Marbles is her stage persona. In addition to celebrating her 200th video upload, she first rose to fame in 2010v for her video on “How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking.”

2. Zoe Sugg – 10 Million

Zoe Sugg

Over 10 million people subscribe to MoreZoella and Zoella, two YouTube channels run by Zoe Sugg. The first one to launch in 2009 was Zoella. She had discussed fashion, beauty advice, and reviews here.

More Zoella, a fresh new one where she chronicled her daily activities and haphazard outings with her companion. She gained notoriety and success due to the caliber of her videos, her accent, or her regular posting of new content. Her seductive appearance teaches us that young people may do great things.

3. Jesse Wellens & Jeana – 5 Million

Jesse Wellens & Jeana

In 2007, Jesse Wellens and Jeana launched the PrankvsPrank YouTube channel. Here, the pair plays practical jokes on one another for the benefit of the world. Although the public is unaware of Jeana, his videos show the person getting ready for the joke.

On the channel BF vs. GF, the couple does, however, provide their viewers a behind-the-scenes look at their personal life. More than 5 million people subscribe to them. The duo is regarded as the top YouTube pranksters in the USA as of right now. As a result, the audience continues to be intrigued by their absurd pranks and learns more about the person behind them.

4. Alfie Deyes – 15 Million

Alfie Deyes

Let’s discuss about Alfie Deyes, a different attractive YouTuber. He runs a YouTube channel called “PointlessBlog” for his vlogs. Additionally, Alfie has two more channels: “Pointless Blog Tv” and “Alfie Games.”

Since 2009, Alfie has graced the digital landscape. He frequently records vlogs and uploads videos to his channel. He published two books in 2015 and has frequently been mentioned as a digital entrepreneur to watch out for.

Some things are cute and well-liked. Alfie Deyes because Zoe Sugg, another prominent YouTube vlogger, was his girlfriend. She frequently features in his videos. He began making movies in 2015 about eating American sweets.

5. GloZell Green – 42 Million

GloZell Green

In 2008, GloZell Green launched her YouTube account. My Push Up Bra will help me get my man is the title of a seductive video she made. More than 20 million people subscribe to GloZell. In 2013, she relocated to Hollywood to pursue comedy and acting, where she gained further notoriety.

She then started appearing in movies and shows with Jay Leno, including the Groundlings. GloZell gained notoriety in 2012 as a result of a video she published showing her attempting the cinnamon challenge. She attracted 42 million viewers in just two years. She is one of the prettiest YouTube stars who had the opportunity to go to the White House in January 2015 for a Youtube broadcast.

6. Justin Ezarik – 2.1 million

Justin Ezarik

A few years back, a woman’s video of receiving a 300-page iPhone bill went viral. She was none other than Justine Ezarik, who also managed the “iJustine” channel. Justin has a sizable YouTube following of over 2 million people followers. She combines a tech geek aesthetic with sexiness.

7. Colleen Ballinger – 1.8 Million

Colleen Ballinger

Let’s talk about Colleen Ballinger, another seductive YouTuber. She is well-known on YouTube, where she has amassed over 1.8 million subscribers. She changes her alter identity, “Miranda Sings,” because people know her better. She was represented in this as a poor dancer and vocalist who was ignorant of her lack of talent.

Because of Miranda’s strong performance, many people believe she is a genuine person. On her YouTube account “Psych Soprano,” the brilliant actress and singer broadcasts recordings of her everyday performances.

8. Dulce Tejeda – 2 Million

Dulce Tejeda

One of the hottest YouTubers who started her channel is the gorgeous Dulce Tejeda. She launched a blog on fashion and beauty under the name Dulce Candy. She had just returned from a protracted tour to Iraq.

To feel feminine despite being in the military is the goal of the channel. She was, however, taken aback by the enthusiastic reception from the channel’s viewers. Dulce’s subscribers rose to 2 million as she gave the channel more attention. She has been collaborating with major cosmetics companies on tutorials, reviews, and other projects.

9. Kalel Kitten – 1.7 Million

Kalel Kitten

Anthony Padilla of SMOSH and his fiance Kalel Kitten founded the channel with the name “Watch Us Live and Stuff.” The channel, which has 1.7 million subscribers, allows users to upload videos of their daily lives and proposals.

In December 2014, the couple made the decision to end their relationship and part ways. The channel is still active under Kalel Kitten, and it has continued to post videos starring other YouTube celebrities.

Final Words

There are millions of YouTubers working in various niches. Some people produce videos about fashion, while others focus on their personal life. Some YouTubers were ranked among thousands of others based on their attractive appearance. You can read out about the best sexy youyubers in the world.

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