13 Roleplay Ideas You Haven’t Considered

13 Roleplay Ideas You Haven't Considered

Numerous designers are aware that while it can be enjoyable to work with characters from various universes, what use is it if you don’t use them? When looking for a fun way to employ characters, whether they are original or taken from a fandom, many people resort to roleplaying. For many people, it was a fun retreat, but what happens when you run out of things to do? It’s not a good situation to be in. So here are a few potential scenarios for role-playing games.

1. Memory loss

Persons A and B have a long history of friendship. Person A has a head injury from an accident, which makes them forget Person B or even everything they’ve ever known. Person B must assist them in remembering and, if they are unable to do so, assist them in making sense of their lives.

2. Guardian Angel

Person A has experienced numerous close calls throughout their life. They should be dead, but something seems to be preserving them. Then Person B, their guardian angel, appears to them.

3. Mental Hospital Patient/ Doctor

You can put Person A in a mental hospital for any reason you like. Nobody has been able to advance with Person A so far. Until Person B shows up, that is.

This one is wonderful if you enjoy learning a lot about the relationships between characters.

4. Werewolf Universe

I honestly don’t have a precise response for this. It’s an oldie but a goodie, in my opinion. There are other paths you might choose, much as the vampire one. Do they share a werewolf trait? One human being? Do both of them have to cope with it if one of them turns? Are two werewolf packs engaged in conflict? Just go for it; there are countless possibilities with this one.

5. Vampire Prince

Person A is a Prince vampire. They sit on the throne and control the realm, but only reluctantly. Every year, The Vampire Royalty receives a sacrifice from a neighbouring town. Person B is abducted and brought to the castle.

You can travel in any direction from here! Person A has the option of transforming Person B into a vampire, showing pity and sending them back to the community, or even keeping Person B as a pet or something similar. Considering how flexible this one is, just enjoy using it!

6. Zombie Apocalypse

Friends and supporters of Person A find them lost and defenseless after losing all of their resources. Until they come across Person B’s gang, that is. What is Person B’s response? Do they warmly welcome Person A or are they apprehensive and hostile?

7. Body Swap

This seems to be a fairly self-explanatory situation. For a while, the bodies of Person A and Person B switch. They attempt to pretend to be each other and resolve the situation, but chaos results.

8. Mind Reading for a day

Person A awakens all of a sudden with the power to read minds. What happens when they are able to read Person B, their best friend’s mind?

This would be a nice place to combine one of these with another one of these! Perhaps Person B possessed information that they absolutely did not want Person A to learn.

9. Treasure Hunter Universe

A is an honorable treasure seeker. They spent years searching for the most incredible treasure of their lives, only for Person B—a treasure thief—to steal it at the very last second.

10. Western Universe

Person A spots Person B on the ground as they ride around the perimeter of their ranch. If assistance is not given, Person B, who has been shot, may shortly bleed to death.

This one was also reasonably left open. Does Person A accept the challenge and assist Person B? What are the consequences if they do?

11. Reverse!Verse

This one primarily pertains to role-playing games with a fandom theme. Reverse the roles of the main characters. See where it takes you by making them the complete opposite of who or what they actually are.

12. Ghost and Haunted

A has recently moved into a new house. The first few nights are serene (Apartment, Mansion, quaint town house, whatever you’d like). After meeting Person B, things start to spiral out of control. Once upon a time, Person B lived there. They were murdered in some way and left a ghost attached to their home.

13. Purge

(Just as in the film “Purge”)

Persons A and B are undergoing the Purge. Together, they are forced to battle off assailants who wish to kill them.

This one is also relatively open. Enjoy the characteristics of your characters, such as their status and other factors.

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