Residential Proxies 101: Understanding How They Work and How to Use Them


A sizable proxy IP network industry is available today for various commercial needs. According to Statista, about 26% of all internet users use a proxy server or VPN to access the internet.

Proxy servers are intermediaries that help to shield users’ IP addresses from the main web traffic. In other words, they act purely as buffers and hide your IP address from a website destination.

There are various types of proxy servers available for different needs. But this article aims to focus more on residential proxies and how they can benefit your needs.

When using a residential proxy, you can select a desired location such as a city, country, or mobile carrier. Moreso, with residential proxy, you can access millions of devices worldwide from actual users. In hindsight, the target website you are performing data scraping or any other activity will see your traffic as human-like.

Let’s understand how residential proxy works and explore how you can leverage them.

How Residential Proxies Work

For a residential proxy to be effective, it will route your internet traffic using a central server. Therefore, every request you make will be routed through the proxy server, and as a result, it will assign you a different IP address.

But you need to remember that the alternative IP address is for a real internet user and device. So, a residential proxy will help to transmit your search requests to the resource server.

As a result, you will be able to hide your real IP address, and the target websites will interpret your activity as that of a real user. As earlier stated, an ideal residential proxy will allow you to target specific cities or countries. But you need to ensure all the requests have HTTPS encryption for security purposes.

So how best can you use residential proxies?

First, you need to understand that residential proxies are more reliable than other proxies. Therefore, you can use them for a variety of activities, and all this depends on your browsing requirements.

Here are a few uses for residential proxies you can leverage for your needs.

1.    Monitor Reviews

Monitor Reviews

According to research, 93% of customers claim that online reviews greatly influence their purchasing decision. So if you’re an e-commerce company, you can leverage residential proxies for review monitoring. This will make it easy for you to pinpoint your organization’s process pain areas. Besides, it’s effective as it gives customers more control over decision-making.

Customer feedback is essential as it will help you understand their needs and expectations. Therefore, improving your goods and services to match your customer’s needs will be easier.

Also, review monitoring is essential as it enables businesses to educate and teach consumers about the benefits and distinctiveness of their products and services.

So if you want to empower potential customers during the purchasing process, you need to ensure you do the following:

  • Monitor brand mentions on social media platforms
  • Gather user reviews from your website, social pages, and third-party marketplaces

And the best way to gather sufficient data for your data analysis is by crawling and scraping hundreds of product pages. Therefore, you can leverage residential proxies to collect many website review data.

2.    Track and Monitor Market Prices

If you’re running a company, you understand that pricing is vital in every business. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on all the market pricing trends and adhere to them to attract new customers.

When you underprice an item, the possibilities are very high that most buyers will question the quality of your products or services. And on the other hand, overpricing a product or service can easily scare off potential customers.

Therefore, it is essential to leverage residential proxies for sales intelligence solutions. This will help you to benefit from quick market pricing updates.

But first, you need to ensure you thoroughly analyze your sales intelligence software collection data. This is essential because you need to do it properly to obtain the correct pricing data. As a result, it can be detrimental to your company’s sales efforts.

That’s why it’s advisable to use residential proxies, as they can help you deploy various sales intelligence applications. And this will make it easy for you to use the information to monitor, compare and analyze prices to determine the best pricing for your products.

3.    SEO Content That Adheres to Search Engine

The beauty of residential proxies is that you can use them to support different SEO tools. Therefore, it is essential to use a proxy server platform that can help support a wide range of other tools.

To ensure you increase traffic and gather quality leads, it’s vital to leverage effective onsite SEO. So to ensure you learn more about your competitors’ keywords and traffic sources, you need to scrap their websites.

Another effective strategy is to modify the content of your website to support multiple languages. Besides, residential proxies will help you gather enough data that you can leverage for link-building outreach. Link building to and from an authoritative site is one of the most effective SEO strategies.

Therefore, leveraging a residential proxy allows you to use necessary tools that can help in building relevant links that can help your website to grow.

Moreover, it will help you to assess and evaluate the effectiveness and performance of the earlier links. To accomplish such tasks, ensure you leverage a variety of crawling and auditing tools. Doing this will enable you to optimize your company website to boost its overall performance.

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