Reasons Why You Are Experiencing Slowdowns with a High-Speed Internet Connection

Reasons Why You Are Experiencing Slowdowns with a High-Speed Internet Connection

While cable internet is considered the best connection type for professional gamers, it can be susceptible to speed slowdowns due to various reasons. Similarly, at times, your Wi-Fi network may fail to deliver the speeds you opted for. Even if you have subscribed to a fiber-internet plan that offers 1 Gbps of upload and download speed, there is a chance that you may encounter speed throttling, which can affect the quality of your online work. So, instead of feeling annoyed by your internet connection, you need to understand the reasons why this may occur.

Factors That Determine the Quality of Your Cable Internet Connection

Your Internet Connection Is Unstable

While most internet service providers (ISPs) promise to provide uninterrupted speeds, a lot of times, your ISP may fail to deliver the high speeds you are paying for. Besides, certain internet connection types are likely to slow down because of issues related to their infrastructure. With a satellite internet connection, there is a possibility that your internet connection will not be as stable as that offered by fiber internet. The reason why fiber internet is known as the fastest and most stable connection type is that it uses fiber-optic cables to carry data signals, which makes it more reliable than any other connection type. On the other hand, satellite internet works by receiving signals coming from a satellite in space that is carried by a dish receiver. Since fiber can be quite expensive for many users, you should consider connecting to internet de Cox for a stable internet connection without exceeding your monthly budget.

You Are Using a VPN

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are not as reliable as you may believe them to be. In fact, they claim to protect your data and device’s privacy; however, this can have negative side effects on the speeds you get. Despite using the best VPN on your device, it can mess up your internet connection in many ways. Therefore, if you don’t want to experience unexpected speed slowdowns, then you should switch to a paid VPN instead of going for a free VPN.

The Distance Between Your Network Equipment and the Device Connected to It

The farther you place your device from your router, the weaker its signal strength will be. As a result, you will get speeds that are much lower than what you have signed up for. To avoid such issues, your best bet is to minimize the distance between your router or modem and your device. If you are using a desktop computer, then it is better to find a location near your network equipment to relocate your PC.

With a cable internet connection, sometimes, it can be difficult to reconnect your device if your Ethernet connection has been disrupted due to wiring issues. To resolve this problem, reach out to servicio al cliente de Cox at your earliest.


Throttled Network Speeds Provided by Your ISP

Some internet providers throttle network speeds to manage a high amount of network traffic. By throttling your network speeds, ISPs can prevent overloading issues that may occur otherwise. Another reason why your ISP may throttle your network speeds is to compensate for your data consumption. If an ISP provides a limited data allowance that has been exceeded by the user, then it will offer throttled speeds to control your data usage per month. Therefore, we recommend you sign up for a plan with an unlimited data allowance per month.

Your Router or Modem’s Firmware Is Not Updated

With time, your network equipment needs to be updated to its latest version for better performance. If you haven’t updated your router or modem for a longer time, then you should update it before it takes a toll on your network speeds and bandwidth.

Too Many Devices on the Same Network

If the number of devices that are connected to your network exceeds its maximum limits, then this can result in speed slowdowns. This is a common issue associated with cable internet, especially during peak usage hours. Hence, if there are multiple devices connected to your internet network, then you should consider removing unwanted devices to receive faster speeds. Besides, you should stick to late night hours for performing speed-intensive tasks as they can take up too much bandwidth on your network, leaving you with slower speeds.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter if you have a wired or a wireless internet connection, you can follow the abovementioned tips and techniques to resolve speed issues with your office or home network. While most of your internet speed issues can be resolved on your own without seeking professional help, you may want to call your ISP if the issue persists despite trying every method. Other times, switching to another internet provider can be the best solution for your unexpected speed slowdowns. So, instead of fretting over it, find the right solution to your speed issues at your earliest.

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