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Real estate is a career that’s equal parts tough and potentially lucrative. A 2020 research by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) indicated that 88 percent of purchasers recently acquired their house through a real estate agent or broker.

That same study also found that 73 percent of buyers interviewed only one real estate agent during their house search – a figure that underlines the necessity of generating awareness and getting in front of buyers as fast as feasible. That’s why having a firm knowledge of real estate marketing is an absolute must for everyone in the profession.

Below, I’ve compiled several real estate marketing techniques top agents utilize to promote their firms.
Whether you’re just getting started or are an experienced realtor trying to attract new clients, these marketing suggestions can help you design a successful marketing campaign.


1. Create a website.

Many people explore the internet to investigate products and services before they buy. Creating a website for your real estate business can show prospective clients what you have to offer. Include listings on your site and update them regularly — this will keep prospects coming to your site as they look for properties. And add something a little surprising to set your website apart. Take this mortgage calculator, and quick value add for visitors.

2. Build a blog.

You can also establish a blog and publish content suited for SEO. This assures your posts show up in prospect search results every time. Tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs will assist you identify the search terms and keywords your target clientele are looking for and can inspire you with fresh topic ideas.

Make it easy for them to navigate to your main website and connect to your profile pages on other real estate sites so they can learn more about you and your firm. And don’t forget to produce engaging photos for your postings. This infographic would make a terrific addition to any blog post or email marketing campaign.

3. Develop email marketing strategies.

Send a monthly newsletter compilation of your blog content, and reach out to contacts when new property listings are available. Include photographs of the homes that connect to the entire listing, a video walkthrough of the property, or a virtual staging of the home.

4. Employ virtual staging.

Give them a sneak tour of what the home looks like by employing a virtual staging website. Online staging saves you the time and money of physically staging the home. And a 2018 study of 4,200+ properties indicated 85 percent of staged homes sold for 6-25 percent more than unstaged homes.

5. Try experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing engages your prospects and “invites an audience to participate with a firm in a real-world context.” Host a tour of the region you’re selling in, hold an event to teach area homebuyers about the process of buying a property, or arrange an open house and invite purchasers to view the home.

6. Partner with local companies.

Use your local connections and partner with apparel stores, home décor showrooms, and coffee shops to promote listings – and offer them to join in an open house event. For a new strategy to persuade prospects to visit your open house, set up pop-up stores in different rooms of the property.

This encourages potential buyers to investigate each space, and you may collaborate with the local businesses to decide discounts on things that can be presented to the property buyers.

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