Q&A with Marc Andreessen on his “It’s Time to Build” essay, techno-optimism, Clubhouse and Substack’s potential, “Augmented Intelligence”, crypto, and more

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Time to build the clubhouse stack, Qa andreessen.

Marc Andreessen does not need an explanation, yet I’ll provide one regardless. He contributed to the development of the first widely used graphic web browser, called Mosaic, as I understand it, making him one of the pioneers of the internet. He co-founded Netscape as well as several other companies.He also co-founded the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, known as A16Z, with Ben Horowitz, which is one of the largest VC firms.Recently, he created a magazine for the media called Future, in which he frequently writes about his thoughts.

Marc has been a kind of hero to me since I was a teenager and Netscape Navigator was like a portal to the rest of the world.I travelled to California to get to know people who were like Marc. We’ve become good friends, and he reads my blog on a regular basis!One thing I enjoy about speaking with Marc is the way he mixes constant optimism with tangible information to support that confidence, both with an understanding of specifics as well as a general knowledge of different types of thought. Many people will tell you that the future is full of amazing possibilities. Marc will give you a clear idea of the possibilities and the reasons why they’re feasible.

In the following interview, I gave Marc a list of ten questions on technological advancement and its future, including the automation of work, U.S. institutions, social media, the competition from Chinese cryptocurrency, what’s next for the VC business, and much more.

The fifteen months since I wrote It’s Time to Create have been defined by three significant incidents: the catastrophic nature of COVID, the systematic failure of almost every public sector entity around the world (previously high-functioning Asian nations aren’t doing enough to quickly vaccinate), and the astonishing performance of the private sector, particularly the American tech industry, to help all of us overcome this disease in a mucus-free manner.(See my latest article, “Technology Saves the World.”

The good news is that regardless of the apparent decline of state power, almost everywhere the private sector can and has delivered even when under extreme pressure and when a large portion of the system of government is dedicated to restricting it through regulations and destroying it with ill-informed policies.


In the present, God knows there is still a lot of work to do. To begin, the majority of the United States, as well as the vast majority of people around the globe, do not yet enjoy the modern standard of living that the elite viewers on this podcast have been conditioned to. Think about the three main indicators of what constitutes the American Dream, or more generally, middle class prosperity: housing, education, and healthcare. You’ve written extensively about how each of these success factors is becoming more and more out of reach for everyday people. I believe, and do you think so too? These three deficits aren’t just making a mess of how people live their lives and how the economy works; they are also affecting our politics in a shocking way.

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