Pepperboy – SNL

Pepperboy - SNL

As a “pepperboy” in an Italian restaurant, Marco instructs Carlo in the finer points of pepper service. One of the top sketches from the 20th season of the American comedy series Saturday Night Live, which aired in 1994. Featuring Adam Sandler and Dana Carvey, my favorite comics (Wayne’s World), as well as Jeanine Garofalo, Tim Meadows, Chris Elliott, Chris Farley (bushy beard), and Michael McKean.

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It’s something he says on every record he releases. And he’ll say “the very difficult way” every few turns of the conversation, seemingly unaware of how frequently he says it. It’s a handy catch-all word for the lengthy and risky journey he’s been on since 1993. Pepperboy, on the other hand, has earned the right to discuss the really tough route.

Things are finally looking positive for the long-overlooked cult rapper’s career, with a single that’s slowly becoming popular on YouTube, a few new endorsements from Spin and The Fader, and a developing reputation as the unusual elder statesman of the emerging “cloud rap” genre.

He’s still around to see it all due of some mix of rehabilitation, ambition, dumb luck, or something in between.

“For example, I lost my first homeboy when I was 13.” You messed me up, man. You’re young, and your only thoughts are of vengeance and trash. You’re a kid who witnesses the murder of your homeboy. “Man, the streets just took me.”

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