OnePlus CEO Pete Lau Says OnePlus And Oppo Will Have More Integrations Moving Forward, Further Hinting At A Possible Merger

oneplus ceo pete lau oneplus oppobyford

 Ceo Lau, Oneplus Opbyford

OnePlus Chief Executive Officer Pete Lau has announced a “new journey” for the company with a goal of “further integrating our organisation with Oppo.” Lau announced the announcement via a posting on the OnePlus forums, saying “we’re at a turning point for the future of OnePlus” and “we must adapt as a team and a brand.”

It’s an impressive move by OnePlus, as the company was founded by Carl Pei after ostensibly leaving Oppo in 2013. OnePlus gained its fame through unorthodox marketing strategies and high-pressure online retail strategies, positioning its brand as a superior alternative to the larger smartphone brands.

It was still an unincorporated company with ownership tied to Oppo and the obscure BBK Electronics empire, and it was apparent from OnePlus handsets that they had at least some connections to Oppo. Display panels, for instance, appeared to be identical, as did allegedly proprietary technologies like Dash fast-charging technology. Dash fast-charging technology was cross-compatible with Oppo’s.

“OnePlus and Oppo are two completely independent companies,” an OnePlus representative explained to me three years ago as a way of explanation. “R&D Finance, R&D, sales channels, day-to-day operations, independently.” The two firms have the same investors. “OnePlus rents out Oppo’s factory facility and shares some of the supply chain with Oppo.”

Lau claims that OnePlus is expected to continue operating independently even if additional integration with Oppo occurs. However, he’s not yet revealing the details of what will be included in the first place, and with the existing similarities between the two brands’ offerings, there’s no way to know what this could mean for the consumer. Lau claims OnePlus is going to continue to host its own events and feedback channels; however, he says that Oppo’s resources will help OnePlus become more efficient with software updates.

ceo lau oneplus oppobyford

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