Muni Long’s Husband: Masimba Chibanda’s Relationship With The Hrs And Hrs Singer!

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Muni Long, who was antecedently referred to as Priscilla Renea, is married to her husband Masimba Chibanda for quite eight years. Ever since the singer performed at this year’ BET Awards, folks have taken a lot of interest in her and her relationship. Let’ learn more regarding Muni Long’ husband!

The gaolbreak sensation of this year’ BET Awards Muni Long enthralled everybody with the performance of her chart-topping hit Hrs and Hrs. tho’ she herself hasn’t watched the performance back as a result of she didn’t need to ruin it by look what really happened, others have and that they white-haired it. It was extremely a giant deal for her as a result of the success it significance along with her single changing into a TikTok hit and happening to prime the charts once sort of a decade of a dry spell.

Muni Long, who was antecedently referred to as Priscilla Renea, has been within the music trade for over a decade currently however ne’er has she seen success and her songs rebuke like this ever before despite the simple talent she possesses. The R&B singer entered the industry when she was simply an adolescent and got discovered on Youtube after that she landed a record traumatize Capitol Records in 2008. However, her singing career couldn’t quite set out and her future at the label was stalled once she free her debut project Jukebox.

To survive within the industry, Muni Long took up songwriting that she excelled at. From 2010 to 2019, she wrote many hits for several huge names like Madonna, Demi Lovato, Mariah Carey, Madonna J. Blige, city Grande, and more. She has conjointly received a Grammy Award nomination for Album of the Year through her work on Back of My Mind by H.E.R.

however, even with a protracted list of writing credits, she wasn’t glad along with her career associate degree grew bored with writing for alternatives. So, to measure her life to the fullest and stop attempting to live for other people, she went the route of an freelance creator and went back to creating her own music. so she herb Hrs and Hrs that went on to become a hit.

innumerable things regarding the recent BET performance just like the song Hrs and Hrs itself which is wide believed to be about her husband, and the puffy red dress she was carrying light-emitting diode to curiosity about her husband. The red dress indirectly as a result of it created speculations about her maternity that led to questions about her partner. Let’s verify a lot about Muni Long’s husband, Masimba Chibanda!

Muni Long’s Husband: Everything to understand regarding Masimba Chibanda!

Muni Long (@munilong), before touch the jackpot with Hrs and Hrs, had been living a really non-public life and also the public didn’t take abundant interest in her since she was more operating behind the scenes in writing. however since breaking out with Hrs and Hrs that she performed during this year’ BET Awards, the interest folks took in her increased, and with the maternity rumors flying around, in her husband Masimba Chibanda as well.

as a result of the singer-songwriter was staying out of the general public eyes, not abundant was famed regarding her and her relationship and her husband. however she talked about it all throughout her look on The Breakfast Club and displayed about her romance with Masimba Chibanda, her husband of eight years.

And Muni Long’ relationship along with her husband simply clothed  to be the cutest one; one that’s worthy of its own rom-com. however she went from being not too notably keen on the person who would later prolong to be her husband to having such an intense relationship that they were engaged inside six months all are components typically utilized in romcoms.

Muni Long first happened to come back across Masimba Chibanda at a Taco Tuesday. And it had been not love initially sight. however it wasn’t an informal attraction. In fact, it was the opposite. as a result of her husband had like 2 women with him once they met for the first time, she thought that he was disgusting. For all she knew, they might be his friends however off she went deciding him just like the women in movies do. And like them, she vie onerous to urge as a result of she didn’t need to be simply accessible to somebody walking around with quite one girl.

however the maximum amount as Muni Long was attempting to avoid Masimba Chibanda, the one who would be her husband later on, as fate would have it, they reasonably fell along and shortly started understanding together. She did notice how Masimba was terribly muscular then. She needed to thin and Masimba got her ripped.

And slowly, the muscular Masimba Chibanda who helped her lose weight and Muni Long started dating. Her then-future husband took her to Burger King on a date and shortly after, the combine started getting to church along. The progression from happening dates to going to church together came very quickly.

Muni Long went from thinking her husband was distasteful to understanding with him to seeing him in barely four months. Six months later he proposed. If you asked Masimba Chibanda why he did propose to her thus soon, he would say, ‘I was simply attempting to require you off the market before someone else got you pregnant.’

As of now, the couple has been married for quite eight years. Masimba Chibanda, Muni Long’ husband conjointly impressed loads of her music. Hrs and Hrs is regarding him supposedly.

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