Inside The Life Of Taylor Slater, Kelly Slater’s Daughter And Her Dating Life

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Taylor Slater is well-known as the sole daughter to American Professional surfer Kelly Slater. Her father Kelly is thought to be to be one of the best professionals in surfing history, won the World Surf League Championships eleven times.

Being the sole daughter to her parent, Taylor indeed is everyone’s most wanted. Although everyone is aware of her father, very little can be known about the mother of her. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to learn more about Taylor Slater’s mother, as well as additional information about her like her relationship status, training, career in the field of art, more.

Who Is Kelly Slater’s Daughter Taylor Slater? Her Age And Upbringing

Taylor Slater is the only child of Kelly Slater and Tamara Michelle. Taylor was born on the 4th of June, 1997 and was born in Florida, United States . So, Taylor’s age at the time of her birth is 26 years old. She was raised in the town of her father’s birthplace Florida as she traveled across Hawaii in Hawaii and Australia. She also views Oahu, Hawaii as her second home.

Baby Taylor Slater as a child.

In pursuit of her academic achievements The native of Florida, Taylor graduated high school at CCA Calvary Christian Academy. After finishing high school, she enrolled in pre-counseling classes with the Moody Bible Institute for a year that ran from September 2015 to May 2016. The sole child of Kelly Slater then went to take a course at the King’s College to study business management.

Details On Her Family And Ethnicity

Her family is hers Her paternal grandparents include Judy Moriarity Slater and Stephen Slater. Her grandfather Stephan was a fishing and bait shop proprietor. In addition, Taylor’s maternal great-grandmother Judy had a job as an emergency medical technician (EMT) also a firefighter. In addition she has two uncles, Sean Slaterand Stephen Slater.

For her ethnic background she is a member of an ethnic group of whites. She also holds an American nationality and adheres to Christianity as her primary religion.

Her Career: Taylor Slater Is An Artist Who Owns An Art Gallery

According to the Taylor Slater’s Instagram profile We can conclude that she’s an avid artist. Taylor Slater describes herself as a multi-media artist. Her inspiration comes to create her art from the natural world. In addition, Taylor also owns an art gallery located in Southern Florida. Her gallery 808 Studios.

Furthermore she is also enthusiastic about marketing. She has also worked on advertising and freelance photography for various brands in her earlier years working as an artist.

In addition, she is connected to KTCO Marketing which is a marketing company located on Miami in Miami and Honolulu.

Taylor Successfully Organized Her First Solo Art Show In Montauk Beach House

In the words of The Inertia, Taylor’s first solo art exhibit was a huge hit. The show she curated was known as One Ocean Seven Strawless Seas at the Montauk Beach House in August 2018.

For the arts, Slater took inspiration from her travels of Hawaii and Australia that she took with her father. She captured admiration for the oceans as the beauty and splendor nature. landscape.

The show was produced by Slater joined forces with NewYork non-profit organization Lonely Whale. The show struck a win with the appearance of famous faces in the gallery like Taylor’s father Kelly Slater and singer Jimmy Buffett.

Taylor Slater’s Father Felt Guilty For Not Being Around With Her

An interview was conducted with Graham Bensinger, Taylor’s dad Kelly spoke about the toughest aspect of being a father. He admitted that the fact that he wasn’t an all-time father to his sole daughter caused her to feel she didn’t have a father.

Taylor Slater is the only child of pro-surfer Kelly Slater.

Kelly also went on to say that he was away to compete in a championship. He also felt guilt for not being physically with his daughter. He also stated that Taylor’s mother Tamara is the person who was responsible for raising their daughter on her own.

Now, in today, the father and daughter duo have an excellent relationship. They are one another’s biggest critics and most enthusiastic supporters.

Did Her Parents Kelly Slater And Tamara Ever Get Married?

The question has been frequently asked is was did Taylor’s parents ever get married? We’re here to provide you with the answer you’ve been wanting to learn. They were never got married. They did, however, get engaged.

An interview with Kelly previously mentioned he was either 21 or 22 when he decided to buy a house together with his then-fiancee. However, in the end things didn’t go as planned and they decided to end their engagement.

Taylor Slater wishes her mother Tamara on her birthday.

Where Are Taylor’s Parents Now?

Both parents of Taylor are living their lives together with their new spouses. Her father Kelly Slater is in a relationship with the co-founder of MIKOH Kalani Miller. Kelly is a fellow surfer as well as a world-traveler and model. The couple that first came together at a beach in San Diego in 2007 has been in contact ever since. The couple has been together for more than 15 years as couple. It shouldn’t be long before the couple to get married and to get married.

His father Taylor Slater Kelly with his girlfriend Kalani Miller.

Prior to his romance with Kalani He has also had relationships with famous celebrities like Pamela Anderson(1998-2000) , Gisele Bundchen(2005-2006) as well as Cameron Diaz(2007).

However Taylor Slater’s mom Tamara has kept her quiet following her split from Kelly. In the meantime reports suggest that she’s currently happily married to an individual named Mike Sweeney.

Is Taylor Slater Dating A Boyfriend?

In terms of Taylor’s private life, she is currently dating her boyfriend, Sam Kelleher. He is a professional skater. The couple began their relationship on the 4th of February, 2019.

After two years of their romance they also got engaged. The couple exchanged rings on the 28th of April in 2021. It’s been more than three years since the couple have been together, and their romance continues to flow smoothly.

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