IDC: Global Tablet Shipments Grew 55.2% YoY, Most Since 2013, To Reach 39.9M Units In Q1; Apple Led With 12.7M Shipments, Up 64.3% YoY; Samsung 8M, Up 60.8% YoY (Mike Peterson/AppleInsider)

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The Apple iPad has been able to sustain the majority of tablet sales through its first quarter in 2021 in which the market was growing 50% year-over-year.

Tablet sales reached 39.9 million units in the first quarter of 2021. This represents a rise in the range of 55.2 percent, according to new data from IDC, the company that analyzes markets, IDC. IDC states that the rate of growth it’s observed hasn’t been observed since 2013.

Apple maintained its lead in the tablet market. The Cupertino company has sold 12.7 millions iPad units in the initial quarter, which is an increase of 64.3 percent from the previous quarter. Apple has an 31.7 percent share of the market, a rise from the 30 % it held at the beginning of the quarter of 2020.

Samsung came second, with approximate 8.3 million tablets sold, and twenty percent share of total market. Lenovo was third having 3.8 million delivered. Amazon was fourth in the ranking with 3.5 million delivered. Huawei came in fifth place with 2.7 million delivered.

“While vaccinations and businesses returning to their workplaces could slow the increasing trend of working from home, we’re still far from returning to “normal working conditions” and the need for tablets, particularly those that can be removed are expected to be in use for some time,” said IDC research analyst Anuroopa Nataraj. IDC says it is the top option for students in the market, however Chromebooks are fast becoming well-liked by people across countries like U.S., Western Europe as well as, in recent times, Japan.

Apple doesn’t release the sales for each of the items it offers. In its most recent earnings conference call Apple disclosed that iPad sales increased by 78.7 percent in March to $7.8 billion during the month of March.

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