How To Choose Comfortable Crocs

How To Choose Comfortable Crocs

The unusual appearance of crocs causes mixed feelings. But it is this form that manufacturers consider the most comfortable for the foot. And, if it were not so, the company would not sell 40 pairs of shoes every minute.

Uncompromising quality and perfect shapes, functional and versatile, soft, light and hygienic, very practical to use and easy to care for, for men, women and children, at work, at home and on vacation – all this is Crocs.

The American shoe brand is only 15 years old, but it is well known far beyond the US. Crocs shoes can be found in Mexico City, Liverpool, Paris, Bahrain and Hong Kong. Since 2002, the company has sold over 300 million pairs in 125 countries. Initially, it was created for yachting and sailing. But very quickly crocs became popular among people far from marine spores.

First introduction with crocs

The first thing that comes to mind when the word “ugi” is pronounced is the familiar image of awkward-looking, but very warm and comfortable Australian platform boots. The same thing happens with American Crocs: we remember – clogs. But it was the base model with which the company entered the market back in 2002. And today the brand produces a range of 8 types of stylish shoes for any age, gender and season of the year. Add to this 50 shades, custom design, comfortable platform, unique material, high quality and reasonable price, and you will get an explanation why cheap crocs for sale are loved all over the world.

Of course, the growing popularity of this shoe has given rise to many of its fakes.

First introduction with crocs

Comfort your feet in innovative material

The world leader in innovative casual footwear offers more than three hundred models, for any season and all occasions. They certainly differ in form, design, color and content. But all without exception: incredibly light, soft and comfortable. It is chosen with pleasure for nature, fishing, walking and the beach. And the key to comfort is an innovative material – Croslite. It is neither plastic nor rubber, but an antibacterial resin foam polymer of natural origin.

Advantages of original crocs products

Original Crocs products are easy to distinguish by a number of indicators:

  • Shoes are very light, if not weightless.
  • The sole of the shoe belongs to the orthopedic class, which is why it is so comfortable on the foot.
  • You will not feel fatigue and pain in your legs, even with prolonged use of Crocs.
  • The products are non-toxic (even when heated) and safe for children.
  • Croslite material breathes and does not absorb moisture, resistant to high and low temperatures.
  • The shoes are easy to clean and the soles are non-slip on all types of surfaces.

How to differentiate original crocks from fake?

When buying something for yourself, follow the rule: “Choose decent, not affordable. And you will get durable, not temporary.” This fully applies to Crocs shoes. When purchasing shoes, pay attention to the following:

  • Price:The production of croslite is quite expensive. For this reason, the original Crocs are not worth a penny.
  • Article check: is the most accurate way to determine authenticity. The article of the purchased crocs must be present in the company’s database.
  • Sole: As a rule, fake Crocs have a hard sole. In this case, there can be no talk of an orthopedic effect. As a result: deformation of the foot, fatigue of the legs is constant.
  • Wear resistance:The original crocs are practically not deformed and are hard to wear out. Therefore, they are durable.
  • Antibacterial composition:The material of the original Crocs protects against fungus. This is not the case for the fake. And in closed types of shoes, where an artificial substitute is used, the foot does not breathe and the fungus has a favorable environment for development.
  • Certificate of originality:Every seller (a copy of the document) engaged in the legal sale of genuine shoes has it.
  • LOGO: the trademark of the crocodile face.
  • Shoe packaging:It should be transparent, with a brand logo + a white branded bag and a branded hanger.
  • Manufacturer country:The list of producing countries may include not only the USA and China. Pay attention to the sole: there should be a marking of the size and the site of the campaign. Included: product information and brand labels.
  • Specific odor:No matter how strange it may sound, but the sign of the authenticity of crocs is in the characteristic smell of resin.
  • “Eagle or tail”: despite the lightness of the shoe, the specificity of the sole filler is such that the Crocs always land on the sole. It’s a fun but working way to check.


Many, after learning what the original brand crocs are, never settle for lower quality shoes. After all, even with active use, they will last a very long time and fully pay off the purchase costs. Every day, more and more people, instead of ridicule over these clumsy shoes on personal experience convinced of its convenience and practicality.

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