How To Choose Appropriate Women’s Bag

How To Choose Appropriate Women's Bag

You can spend hours putting together the perfect look for every day or for going out, but if one detail doesn’t fit, all the work is in vain. First of all, this applies, of course, to women’s bags.

Now it is very easy to get lost in the variety of this wardrobe item. In order not to make mistakes, it is enough just to make your own list of rules on how to choose a bag – and stick to it. Today we will discuss them

By material

Another important parameter in choosing the perfect bag is its material. The three most common options are:

  • Genuine leather
  • Artificial eco-leather
  • Textile

Modern fashion does not stop there and even shows plastic accessories, but most often they remain on the catwalks. Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular “bag” materials.


Yes, now there is such eco-leather, which is practically indistinguishable from natural material – it is also not inferior in quality at least, and sometimes surpasses it, due to its wear resistance.

But for many women, it is a genuine leather bag that remains a matter of status. Such a detail of the wardrobe demonstrates to the environment its value and belonging to a certain level.

There are several rules for choosing a good genuine leather bag:

  • Don’t save! Well-made leather simply cannot be cheap.
  • Be sure to touch the skin – natural should warm up from the heat of the hands. This is a great way to tell a genuine leather bag from a faux one without a lighter or matches.
  • It is good to examine – on natural leather you can always find wrinkles and small bumps.
  • Assess the severity – things made of genuine leather are always heavier than their eco-brothers.
  • Take a closer look at the quality of the seams, the strength of the threads and accessories.
  • Sprinkle with water – natural leather will absorb (if it is not impregnated), and everything will flow with artificial leather.
  • Smell – there should be no smell of varnish or paint.

An important nuance is to consider the lining:

  • The most durable options can be called nylon and kapron
  • The most pleasant – suede trim
  • The most practical is calf leather – it is soft, durable and holds its shape well.Separately, it is worth highlighting crocodile skin – bags made of it look chic, but not everyone likes it.


Suede is the underside of leather, so it has the same pros and cons as its underside. Suede bags can give a veil of elegance and aristocracy, so they do not go out of style for years. The main thing is to choose a modern form.

The only drawback (besides the price) is that such a surface is easily scratched and jammed, so special delicate care is required. Rarely suede bags are used for daily wear, but at a special event with it you can slay everyone.

From eco-leather

It is worth mentioning right away that leatherette can be very different:

  • one that will give odds to the skin
  • one that will be erased in a month or swell in the rain

Thanks to the embossed pattern on the surface, it is difficult to distinguish eco-leather from natural material.

Eco-leather bags are dense and durable, and the price is an order of magnitude lower than genuine leather products. Many brands specifically develop budget lines of quality bags made of synthetic substitutes.

An additional advantage is that the care of such products is much easier.


Textile products are not in high demand and are most often found in beach resorts.

Fabric bags are universal, and besides, they have a huge variety of colors and shapes.


Top trending

If the basic universal bag has already been bought, then it’s time to think about trendy options. Let’s talk about the TOP popular women’s bags in 2023 that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Ball shaped

Yes, it is not very convenient, but at the peak of fashion. “Ball” handbags can be found literally at every show. Perfect as an original evening accessory.


This accessory has a lot more practicality. The strap is adjustable, so the bag can be worn on the belt or over the shoulder – like a small backpack. A few years ago, such a model was considered purely sporty and even outdated, but now it is just a screech of fashion that can be found in different styles.

Waist bag

Wearing a bag on your belt is still fashionable, and also very convenient, but how to choose the right one? The most chic option is detachable straps. Firstly, this way the bag can be carried in the hand or on the shoulder. Secondly, straps can play with different images.


If in 2022 the world gasped at miniature handbags that even two keys cannot fit into, then in 2023 practicality is at the forefront. Shoppers are in fashion, and not simple ones, but XXL sizes, approximately so that you can carry a liter of antiseptic with you. The shape is strict, rectangular, restrained.


This trend came from last year, but is still relevant. Now the most popular option for bucket bags is a wicker base with a satin bag inside. Suitable for summer only.


A great example that everything new is well-forgotten old. The last time this form was relevant was in 2000. Now the frame has changed a little – it has become more modern, but the shape has remained unchanged.


Women’s handbag is not just a pretty accessory. This is a whole world where beauty helpers are stored, an office with important documents, a stylish decoration of the image. A bag is a way to show your individuality and tell the world about your status. The main thing is to choose it correctly.

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