How Many Security Cameras Do You Need?

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How many security cameras do you need? If you are looking for reliable cctv installation Malaysia, please contact us at  That might have been one of your questions when planning on installing security cameras in your vicinity. You may have already chosen the model of CCTV security systems you would like to install. You might even have researched where to place your security cameras.

Rest assured, we will discuss everything in detail. So, let us go back to the question: how many security cameras do you need?


First, know what kind of establishment will need security cameras. Are they for your home or apartment unit? Or do you need them for your business properties? You might not want your entire home filled with security cameras. But only the common areas like the hallways, living room, dining room, kitchen, yards and driveway.

Secondly, know what kind of security cameras you will need. Is it indoor security cameras or outdoor?

Indoor CCTV Security System

An indoor camera provides a real-time feed. This allows you to monitor everything that is happening inside your home. This is helpful if you have family members, pets, or nannies whom you want to keep an eye on while you are away. You can also record the video footages that may serve as evidence. It would be helpful when untoward incidents happen.


Some security systems have two-way audio. It allows communication with a family member when you are away from home. They also have night vision which allows easy visualization even on dark settings. Some even have motion detector which activates when movements are detected. You do not have to worry about the video quality as the latest models offer HD or high-quality images.

Outdoor CCTV Security System

Outdoor security cameras help track the outside premises of your home. If intruders or vandals see security cameras, they are less likely to harm or rob you. Thus, by installing security cameras, you are already protecting yourself and your family.


Nowadays, even outdoor cameras have advance features such as HD quality videos. One of the advanced features is called motion detection. The CCTV camera gets activated everytime there are unusual movements outside your home. Outdoor CCTV Security Systems are weather-proof, so you do not have to worry about your safety during extreme weather conditions.


Now that we know what security cameras we need, let us now discuss where to place them.

How Many Security Cameras Do You Need and Where to Place Them

Whether you are installing your security cameras in your home or apartment unit, you need to think where to place them. Correct placements would help you maximize the use of your CCTV security cameras.


Here are some locations you can place your security cameras for maximum coverage and protection:

Front Door

If you live in a small house or apartment, you may need one doorbell camera. By installing a CCTV security camera in your front door, you can watch people who walk in front of your house. You can view the packages that delivery men place outside your front door.


Do not become complacent about your safety. You may think that intruders are not bold enough to enter from the front door. This is not the case because based on statistics, 34% of burglars enter through the front door.

Back and Side Door

Back or side doors are usually away from people’s eyes. This makes an easier entrance for intruders where they go undetected. So, to maintain safety, it would be good to install at least three to five CCTV security cameras. Doing so would help ensure that you have complete control on whoever goes in and out of your vicinity.


Your yard is where your children usually play. You should protect your loved ones by installing three to five cameras. Check for any blind spots where intruders could sneak in. Installing CCTV security cameras in trees or less visible areas, is the best option.

Garage and Driveway

Install at least two or three CCTV security systems in your garage or driveway. A security camera system in your garage or driveway will allow you to check your vehicles, tools, sports equipment, and other valuable possessions. You can also keep an eye on who enters and exits your home. You can view any trespassers handling any equipment, tools, or vehicles you own.

Living Rooms & Kitchen or Common Areas

The common areas are usually where family members spend their time. And installing CCTV security systems would help monitor the movement of all the people in the area. You may also be able to detect a fire or accidents in the living rooms and kitchen. Thus, giving you the privilege to call help as soon as possible.


You can install four to five security cameras in such common areas. Ensure that every corner is covered to have an eye on everything and everyone in the area.

Hallways and Stairways

Some crimes were undetected because of the lack of CCTV security systems in hallways and stairways. Try to put at least three to four security cameras here. Make sure the coverage starts from the main entrance of your house. Ensure that the entire hallways and stairways are also covered. Check if there are blindspots, especially the stairways.


Without CCTV cameras, intruders can enter your home unmonitored to commit crime without being detected.

Areas Where You Keep Your Valuables

It is common sense to install CCTV security systems in the room where you keep all your jewelry and expensive items. It could be the master bedroom or one of the other bedrooms. Install a good security camera here.

Child’s Bedroom

If you have infants or toddlers, installing security cameras in their bedrooms helps to keep your children safe. As we know your younger children and elderly parents are prone to accidents. So, by installing at least two CCTV security systems, you can keep an eye on your kids and family.


The more cameras there are in your home, the safer and more secured it can be. However, decide on the number of CCTV security system cameras you will need. So, if you live in a large house, consult your CCTV security system provider to help identify how many cameras you will need for maximum security.


Consult MyCCTV Supplier Malaysia for more information at We are glad to assist and ensure your security. Your security is our top priority.


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