Five Clever Ways to Improve Your Attractiveness

Five Clever Ways to Improve Your Attractiveness

A six pack, a curvaceous form, or even a fantastic sense of humor could all be decisive factors in whether or not you get someone’s phone number or a second date. Ask a dozen individuals what makes someone attractive, and you’ll get a dozen different replies.

But there are many small adjustments you can make that can quickly make you appear more appealing to everyone, largely because they will give you a ton of self-confidence. These minor adjustments will make you stand out, whether you want to wear more of a particular hue or focus on your body language.

1. Add a red accent to your outfit.

A dash of vibrant color can make a world of difference. In addition to making you stand out in a crowd, wearing red can also make you more appealing to others.

Women found men wearing red to be more appealing than men wearing other hues, according to a 2010 study that was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. Even guys standing in front of a red background were thought to be more handsome than those in front of a white one due to the effect’s strength.

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2. Whiten your teeth.

A grin can go a long way, but a bright smile might be even more effective. A 2014 study that was published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation found a strong correlation between a person’s perceived beauty and the state of their teeth. The modification that was most likely to make others think of someone’s teeth as attractive, according to the study, was lightening their tooth color.

3. Get a fresh haircut.

According to makeup artist Mindy Green, owner of mobile beauty business MG Beauty, many people “become stuck in a hairdo.”

Make sure the hair still flatters you as you learn more about who you are and reach new professional and personal milestones, advises Green. “Perhaps the length or style of your hair doesn’t suit the best aspects of your new look or lifestyle. Alternatively, you spend too much time styling because your hair texture doesn’t suit your present look. In either case, it’s a good idea to update every few years.”

4. Demonstrate your kindness.

one of the most straightforward ways to appear better? A few decent deeds will serve as a reminder of your kindness to others. People who are seen as decent and kind benefit from what is known as a “halo effect,” which means that their compassion really made them more physically attractive to others, according to a 2014 study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

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5. Be clear about how you’re feeling.

Being honest about your emotions—whether you’re pleased, upset, or even stressed—can help you feel better and appear better to others. A 2016 study that appeared in the journal Proceedings the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) found a direct correlation between people’s level of attraction to others and their understanding of the other’s emotional condition.

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