Energy Food for Summers

As mercury levels rise, it is vital to alter our summer diet.
From consuming water-rich fruits and vegetables to maintaining a light stomach, one should be mindful of what they consume on hot days. In order to maintain our health and hydration at all times, TOI provides a list of healthy meals that must be consumed daily…



Stay cool this summer by consuming watermelon. On a sweltering day, a bowl of watermelon works like magic. Due to the fact that it is summer and regular hydration is necessary, fluid fruits such as watermelon can be substituted for water. With the fruit’s numerous health benefits, you can also consume it in juice form.


What could be a better way to beat the heat than to indulge in some buttermilk? Add some rock salt, powdered or roasted cumin, and coriander leaves to enhance the flavour of your buttermilk. Buttermilk is beneficial to the digestive system and should be consumed on a daily basis. High in protein, yoghurt is designed for summertime eating. Carry one to work daily and you’ll be set. Low in fat, it has a cooling impact on your stomach and helps you control your calorie intake.


They did not say “Keep your calm” without good reason. It is high in water content and can be consumed in a variety of ways. Carry a package of cucumbers seasoned with salt and pepper, or consume it in juice/soup as well.


Tomato Many people are unaware that tomatoes are a natural sunscreen that protects our skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Include tomatoes in your normal diet, either as a salad or as a side dish.


Citrus dishes are ideal during the summer, and oranges are a requirement. They are rich in fibre, vitamin C, and essential sugars for the body.

Coconut liquid

Throughout the summer, various stores sell coconut water. Reason? It helps to keep you cool in the summer. It quenches thirst and has numerous health benefits as well.


Sugarcane juice To retain water in the body, consume a glass of sugarcane juice. It also helps to reduce body heat, which is advantageous during the summer. Since the juice already contains sugar, do not add any more. Thus, you can maintain a healthy weight.

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