10 Einthusan Alternatives To Stream Free Movies in 2022


With its website hosting a sizable selection of Einthusan Hindi movies, Einthusan Tamil movies, and much more, Einthusan is perhaps the top provider of Hindi films.

Since Einthusan is not accessible in all countries, we have compiled a list of 10 Einthusan substitutes for free movie streaming in 2022.

Let’s begin straight away!

1. YuppTV

One of the greatest Einthusan substitutes with free movie streaming is YuppTV.

Similar to Einthusan, this ground-breaking website supports a variety of languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, and Bengali to mention a few. It also has a sizable collection of Hindi movies.

Users of YuppTV can watch free movies online as well as top-rated local channels’ popular television shows. On their website, you may also watch live television.

The main page of YuppTV’s website features categories for the various genres and forms of media material, making it simple to navigate.

You can also use the website’s search bar to enter the exact title of the movie you’re looking for.

2. Hotstar

Given the variety of movies and television shows that are readily available to view, Hotstar is another excellent Einthusan choice for streaming free movies. The quantity of family-friendly content on Hotstar distinguishes it from the other streaming platforms.

Along with access to a library of Disney Plus content, you can get movies like Einthusan Tamil or Einthusan Hindi.

You can undoubtedly stream for free while on the go with Hotstar because it also enables users to stream movies for free on mobile devices like your iOS and Android phones.

Its Netflix-like interface makes it very easy and intuitive to browse through all the material.

3. Sonyliv

Sonyliv Entertainment is ranked third on our list of Einthusian substitutes for free movie streaming. Similar to Einthus’s library of free media, Sonyliv has a big selection of Indian films.

Just keep in mind that you must first establish and register for an account with Sonyliv in order to begin streaming movies from the service.

This streaming service not only gives you access to Hindi and Tamil movies, but also to live streaming content and a number of sports shows.

All visitors will find it simple to look for a specific movie they wish to watch thanks to this website’s simple and clear user design.

The fact that Sonyliv supports the majority of Indian languages makes it an excellent substitute for Einthusan Hindi.

4. Zee5

Zee5 is another website that is a fantastic alternative to Einthusan, comparable to the ones we’ve already listed here.

Zee5 has a big library of Indian movies, and their website offers support for many different languages, including Thai and Indonesian as well as Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, and Tamil.

When you initially visit Zee5’s website, you are prompted to select your preferred material and are presented with a variety of movie categories, including Kannada, Bhojpuri, and many more.

You only need to create a free account when asked to do so in order to get started.

Just keep in mind that Zee5 also provides a Premium subscription for people who want additional access, but given Zee5’s fantastic variety of free movies, you can certainly choose to continue as a non-paying user.

5. YouTube

We’re fairly confident that you are no longer surprised by this, given that YouTube now appears to include every piece of media ever produced on its platform, including your favorite Hindi and Indian regional films.

YouTube’s availability of ready-to-watch content earned it a spot on our list of Einthusan substitutes for streaming free movies. On its website, there are many high-quality channels that show Indian movies.

Just keep in mind that YouTube’s collection will not be as extensive as the other websites on this list, but hey, we are confident you’ll discover what you enjoy.

All you need to do to find what you’re looking for on YouTube is to create a free account and enter the right keywords, such as Bengali movies or Tamil movies, among others.

Even better, you can search for Einthusan Tamil or Hindi movies.

6. Yomovies

Next on our list is Yomovies, which is yet another excellent Einsteinian substitute for free movie streaming in 2022. This website contains a fantastic list of Hindi films that is even divided into genres.

You can access Yomovies’ movies without paying a dime.

You can watch Hollywood films, from the classics to the most recent blockbusters, if you’re taking a vacation from Hindi films for any reason. Additionally, you have access to well-known Hindi and English TV shows.

On Yomovies, you may browse or arrange the content in a variety of ways, and it’s simple to find the things you prefer. The website even allows you to sort by year, in which case it will show you every movie or TV show that was published within the chosen year.

7. Online Movies Gold

Another excellent Einthusan option for free movie streaming in 2022 is Online Movies Gold, sometimes referred to as Movies Gold Pro.

This website offers a wide variety of current and vintage films for streaming. Even films from 1936 are available in the Online Movies Gold database.

All of the stuff on this website is freely accessible, and the added bonus of HD movie streaming is fantastic. Hollywood movies are also available on Online Movies Gold, however the majority of its selection is divided among Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam categories.

Like Yomovies, Online Movies Gold lets users sort movies by year, and the website will show you every film that was released within the year you specify.

8. Hindilinks4u

Hindilinks4u stands apart from the competition thanks to its extensive library of documentaries. Hindilinks4u is a fantastic Einthusan substitute if you’re looking for Hindi biographies or Hindi documentaries.

There is no monthly subscription fee and no purchase necessary to watch any of the movies or TV shows offered here. This website offers more than 50 different movie categories and supports a number of different languages, including Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada.

Content from other streaming websites like Zee5, Sonyliv, and many others is also available on Hindilinks4u.

You can find dubbed Hindi movie titles on Hindilinks4u if that’s what you’re looking for.

9. Yesmovies

The next website on our list is Yesmovies, which is a fantastic Einsteinian substitute for free movie streaming in 2022.

Similar to Yomovies, the Yesmovies website has a fantastic collection of Hindi films that are even grouped by category. Both websites offer free access to these films.

A search box welcomes you as soon as you land on the website, effectively telling viewers to look up the content they want to watch right away. This is how Yesmovies operates.

Of course, you may simply click the movies tab if you do not have a specific title in mind, and it will direct you to a page with all of its listed films.

Yesmovies is an excellent Einthusan substitute because it offers a wide variety of free movies in well-known Indian languages.

10. MX Player

Everybody has times in their lives when they need screen time, but rather than streaming movies, they would like to spend hours binge-watching entire TV seasons. MX Player has your back in that regard.

Naturally, the most of the online streaming services we have highlighted on this list also provide a variety of TV series, but MX player stands out for its fantastic range of original web series.

The genres of the web series on MX Player include drama, thriller, reality, criminal, and humor. This service also lets users set the content language to the most widely spoken Indian languages and broadcast live television.

We also value MX Player’s support of Indian stand-up comedians by hosting their performances on its website.

MX Player is one of the top Einthusan alternatives to stream free movies in 2022 because it offers so many positive aspects.

Final Words

Whatever movie genre you want, there is undoubtedly a website where you may visit and satisfy your craving. All of the websites we’ve gathered in one place are worthwhile visits.

F.A.Q’s For Einthusan

Where can I get the Einthusan application?

Notably, there is no Einthusan app that can be downloaded. You must still visit Einthusan’s website to stream their films.

Before I can stream movies, do I need an Einthusan login?

No, an Einthusan login is not necessary, although you can create an account if you don’t want ad pop-ups to interrupt your streaming. After logging in with your Einthusan credentials, you can pay a premium to remove advertising.

An Einthusan downloader is what?

Since the website does not itself offer the ability to download content like movies, Einthusan users must use a third-party downloader.

Is the Einthusan downloader secure?

There are many websites on the internet that offer to help you download Einthusan movies, but all you’ll get are broken links, some of which can even be hazardous to your computer.

Are there free Einthusan alternatives?

The majority of the websites on our list let visitors watch their movies for free, but some also charge a price for access to additional content.

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