Describe Quality Hardwoods of Michigan and Oil Based.

Quality Hardwoods of Michigan

Quality Hardwood of Michigan is strategically placed in southeast Michigan, simply off Convicts Street close to M59 in Rochester Slopes. Visit our 10,000 square foot environment-controlled distribution center and display area where you can peruse the wide range of presentations of strange examples and outlandish woods from around the world as well as normal sorts with our many variety decisions.

Quality Hardwoods of Michigan are centered around everything about, choosing the best Appalachian hardwoods to give the most ideal client care. We are focused on putting in any amount of work to ensure our ground surface is simple for you to introduce.

Our experts will work with you to fulfill time constraints and direction with other, related projects.

That devotion pays off for the two of us. You get flooring that adds esteem by limiting establishment time and cost while giving you the most extreme profit from your speculation. We acquire the consistent, rehash business that comes from fulfilled clients who have met with huge outcomes in utilizing our ground surface.

Oil Based

  • Mullican Ground surface
  • Strong Deck
  • Designed Deck
  • Wraps up
  • Water Based
  • Oil Based

 Specialized Particulars

Dry Time: Roughly 8 Hours. Permit to dry for the time being for traffic. Permit to dry 48 hours prior to supplanting furniture.

Inclusion: Roughly 500 Square Feet for every Gallon, (125 Square Feet for each Quart).

Tidy Up: Paint remover, Turpentine, or Mineral Spirits.


Masterline Business Grade Polyurethane is a sturdy wood floor finish reasonable for enormous volume applications, like conference centers, multi-unit homes, and other business utilizes. Masterline Poly is accessible in Silk, Semi Endlessly gleam.

One Coat Sealer

Two Coats Masterline Polyurethane

Whenever wanted, extra layers of Masterline Polyurethane might be applied.

Dry Time

Permit to dry somewhere around 8 hours.


150 to 175 Square Feet for every Quart, 600 to 700 for each Gallon


Solidness with stylish allure – that is the very thing that Dura Seal hardwood floor completes have come to connote in the wood flooring business. The Dura Seal product offering incorporates finishes with a high solids content, for profound variety and uncommon fixing activity, and straightforward hardwood floor completes which can endure merciless wear and discipline. Wood floor sealer from Dura Seal will assist with saving the magnificence of your hardwood floor. From craftsmanship historical centers to churches…from shopping centers to rec centers to homes…fine hardwood floors become show-stoppers with Dura Seal Items.

Dura Seal Polyurethane for Wood Floors is a straightforward, intense, oil-based finish formed to give magnificent strength and wonderful color opposition. Duraseal Poly gives wood floors profundity and lavishness while safeguarding them from scratch and spills. Accessible in four sheens as well as a spray Final detail Shower.

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