DailyPay, Which Provides Software That Lets Workers Control When They Get Paid, Raises $175M Series D And $325M In Debt Funding, Source Says At A $1B+ Valuation

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DailyPay is a fintech company that allows workers to access their wages in real-time It has acquired $500 million of capital.

The $500 million comes with the 175-million Series D, led by Carrick Capital Partners; existing investors such as RPM Ventures, participated, according to a statement. The investment was valued by DailyPay at more than $1 billion, which gives an “unicorn” status to the fintech an individual who was familiar with the issue said.

A warning from Biden’s administration Biden might dampen the party mood for Big Oil’s expected third-quarter profit huge payout.

Biden who is concerned about the rising cost of gasoline He said this week that oil companies must be more focused on boosting the supply of oil to reduce prices rather than giving shareholders a reward. “My message to American energy companies is that you shouldn’t be using profits to purchase stock or pay dividends” Biden said during an address at the White House. “Not now. Not when a conflict is going on.”

The market is booming after the better-than-expected third quarter earnings, however, investors must remain cautious.

Chris Senyak, chief investment strategist at Wolfe Research, is skeptical about the recent rise of Nasdaq and the S&P 500and NasdaqHe believes that there is a chance of a recession coming soon and that stocks could be down. “We remain convinced in the Fed will eventually increase its funds for the Fed to five and six percent and that a recession driven by demand will begin at the beginning of next year.” Senyek wrote.

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