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DailyPay is a company that uses software that lets workers control their pay. It will increase $175 million in Series A and $325 million in debt investments. At the time this article was written, the company was valued at $1 billion plus.


  • (Luisa Beltran, Barron’s Online)


Since the beginning, Jessica Mah, an entrepreneur, has had great growth with the business. It has worked with numerous companies, including Walmart, United Parcel Service, and Adecco, which is a major company for staffing.


Barron Online Dailypay $175 Series $325m



DailyPay employs between 100 and 12000 people, and they pay them around $500 million per year. Its goal of bartering better pay arrangements with large employers is the primary reason behind its success.

Jessica Mah, CEO at DailyPay, said that DailyPay has grown into an entirely new technology that is empowering professionals and giving them the ability to influence their economic destiny. We’re connecting more than one hundred and twenty thousand employees with their employers and establishing an application that allows employers and employees to make better choices about the way they spend their money.

The agency secured $71 million in funding in its first round of investment in 2017. This time, it’s more than $200 million. It raised substantial funds in the month of December to finance its growth.

Dailypay has 175 million series, while Barononline has 325 million.

I recently discovered the Dailypay M series on the BarronOnline site and became enthralled by their claims that they could assist me in earning money through conducting surveys.

But, after conducting some research, I realised that this site is just a scam. They don’t give you money for participating in surveys, and they also attempt to sell you products that you don’t need.

I would advise against this site completely. There are numerous other legitimate survey websites that will compensate you for your time.Spend no time on DailyPay M series M Barrononline!

There are some essential things to look for in order to identify a Ponzi scheme. First, you must determine whether the investment promise is based on guarantees or on returns that are unusually high. If the returns appear to be too good to be true, they probably are.

Another alarming sign is if the business is not registered with the SEC. Any legitimate investment firm has to be registered with the SEC.

You should be cautious of businesses that require investors to put down large amounts of money in advance. Ponzi schemes usually require investors to invest large sums of money prior to being able to begin earning any profits.

If you spot one of the red flags listed above, it’s best to stay clear of investing in the company. It’s likely to be a Ponzi scheme.

Strategies to prevent being

There are some steps you can take to avoid being fraudulently scammed.Be sure to only do business with companies that are reputable. If you’re not certain about a particular company, conduct some investigation to determine if it’s legitimate.

Beware of any business that asks for personal data prior to the time of purchase. Certain scammers pose as legitimate businesses in order to steal your personal information.Make sure you only provide personal information to companies you are confident in.

  1. Keep an eye out for warning signs.If you think something is too appealing to be real, it likely is. Beware of any company that makes false promises or warranties.

If you take these steps, you will be able to stay clear of being fraudulently scammed. But if you discover yourself in a position in which you believe you have been scammed, call your local Better Business Bureau or your local consumer protection agency for assistance.

dailypay 175m series 325m barrononline

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