CoConstruct Pricing Vs. Acumatica Pricing: A Battle of Pricing Models

CoConstruct Pricing Vs. Acumatica Pricing

Are you unsure how much software to buy for your construction company? There is no easy way to gauge. While some software claims to be free or open source construction software, there are hidden costs that could throw your budget off track. Most construction companies are influenced by pricing.

This article will help you compare the prices of CoConstruct and Acumatica, two of the most popular construction software options.

CoConstruct software is mainly used by remodelers and custom home builders. It allows clients to access tools and finances as well as managing projects. CoConstruct also offers the ability to sync information from estimates and budgets with QuickBooks.

CoConstruct software helps builders manage their projects and keep track of their construction management tasks.

These are the core features of CoConstruct.

  • Keep track of activity and the progress of your job site. Managers find this feature very useful to plan and track future activities.
  • This feature allows team members to share files and photos. You can share the most recent updates on building projects and have them approved or reviewed by.
  • This feature can be used by builders to forecast and budget project costs.
  • This feature allows builders to track change orders and expenses.

Top Features in CoConstruct

Billing & Purchase Orders

CoConstruct’s simple-to-use functionality is convenient for Purchase Orders (POs). You can track approvals, invoicing and PO status online. Subs can also approve the job scope or the terms of payment.


Coconstruct can be used to generate and customize estimates. It can also be used to make specific line items visible, generate a cost catalogue, and get digital signatures.


  • Coconstruct offers customizable templates
  • Experts rate CoConstruct software as low-cost for building.
  • It is simple to use and offers a friendly interface. It has intuitive icons and a clear flow. The GUI also includes informative and interactive reports. It is easy to navigate with just a few clicks.
  • These three options, Logs for Job Logs or Schedules To-Dos, are very useful and outstanding in design.
  • CoConstruct can connect to Xero, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Online. You don’t need to purchase hardware because it is web-based.

CoConstruct Cons

  • The software is not responsive.
  • does not support Co-Construct. Some documents can be uploaded to Co-Construct again, but it is not recommended.
  • Software crashes more frequently. It is very inconvenient to use the calendar drop-down. Users must manually enter dates.
  • Co-Construct can only work with pre-defined options. The software cannot be customized to meet the needs of the customer.

Coconstruct Pricing

CoConstruct pricing can be found in three options. The Essential plan costs $99 per month, while the Advanced and Complete plans cost $399 each. Each pricing plan offers a greater range of tools.

Acumatica Software

Acumatica Cloud ERP, a software for enterprise construction, is designed for small- and medium-sized businesses. It manages your company’s accounting, manufacturing, supply chain management and human resources. Acumatica developed the program, with its headquarters in Washington (United States). The program was established in 2007.

Acumatica adds value to small- and medium-sized businesses with its cutting-edge technology and business capabilities. The software also includes functions for managing financials, inventory management, project accounting, and CRM (with integrated workflows). Acumatica’s open architecture allows for flexibility, usability, quick integrations, and scalability.

Top Features Of Acumatica

Financial Management

Financial management tools are available to scale the business. Acumatica software offers financial management tools that include cash management, access the General Ledger and project accounting.

Inventory Management

Inventory management tools are very useful to support your customers. Access to inventory levels can be accessed from anywhere. You can also view stock reserves. Acumatica offers specific tools to help you manage credits and returns, backorders, exchanges, and trades. Acumatica has the replenishment function that allows you to reorder points and manage safety stock.

Acumatica Pros

  • Acumatica makes it easy to modify reports using filters and sorting.
  • The module for financial management is useful in managing a large customer base that can be used for future transactions.
  • You have the option of either online or on-site deployment.

Acumatica Cons

  • Acumatica software does not integrate with payroll or HR management.
  • The features of the program for project management do not include collaboration and activity management.

Acumatica Pricing

Acumatica offers customized pricing plans to its customers after gathering details about their organization. The size of your team is the most important factor that will impact the cost.

Acumatica offers limited flexibility plans to its customers. Acumatica pricing starts at $1,000 per month.

CoConstruct Vs. Acumatica – Demo

A CoConstruct demo can be scheduled. This will give you enough insight into the software’s features and how it works so you can decide what suits you best.

Acumatica offers a free 10-minute demo that allows you to experience its user interface, role-based dashboards and configurable workflows. It also has native mobile apps and powerful reporting and analytics that can help you grow.

CoConstruct Vs. Acumatica–Reviews

CoConstruct has 843 reviews with a SoftwareAdvice rating of 4.71/ 5. Stars. Acumatica Software has 59 reviews with a SoftwareAdvice rating of 4.44/ 5.

CoConstruct Vs. Acumatica – Final Thoughts

Pricing for CoConstruct and Acumatica is different. Each software offers different pricing models depending on the size of the customer, their target customers and industry. Acumatica is more costly to implement. However, CoConstruct has better ratings and offers more features. To get an accurate picture of which software suite is best for you, check out the demos.

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