Cloudflare, Which Was Sued By “Patent Troll” Sable Networks, Is Offering A $100K Bounty To Those Who Can Find Evidence Of Prior Art On Sable Networks’ Patents (Doug Kramer/The Cloudflare Blog)

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Cloudflare was threatened with legal action in a lawsuit brought by “patent troll” Sable Networks and is offering a $100K bonus to those who discover the evidence for prior art that is related to Sable Networks’ patents (Doug Kramer/The Cloudflare Blog)

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Doug Kramer / The Cloudflare Blog:
Cloudflare cloudflare is being accused of being sued in March by “patent troll” Sable Networks and is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who find proof of prior art to Sable Networks’ patents -We’re back. The 15th of March, Cloudflare was sued by an alleged patent troll named Sable Networks …


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