Big Data Analytics Startup Kyligence Raises $70M In Series D Funding


Kyligence creates an advanced data analytics platform, built upon the free-source Apache Kylin analytics engine, that can perform multi-dimensional analysis of huge amounts of data.

Next-generation data analytics company Kyligence has completed the Series D round with a total of $70 million in capital the company announced on Wednesday.

The company has said that it would use the new money to “continue expanding its global reach and accelerate customer adoption.” The funds will be specifically used to fund its research and development activities, particularly in the development of machine learning and cloud-native technology the company claimed.

“Today’s cloud-based data warehouses and analysis of data lakes struggle to provide efficient analytics at a reasonable cost because user and data volume increase,” said Luke Han Kyligence’s co-founder, CEO and co-founder in an announcement. “Kyligence will significantly improve the value of these platforms by using our cloud-native infrastructure and artificial intelligence-powered operations.”

The round took place under the direction of SPDB International with new investors Alpha Square Group, CICC, Gopher Asset Management, Shanghai Growth Capital, PUXIN Capital, and Jumbo Sheen Group participating in the round. Current investors Eight Roads Ventures (the proprietary investment arm of Fidelity International Limited), Redpoint and Shunwei Capital also participated.

Kyligence earlier received funding of $48 million as per the Crunchbase website. This puts Kyligence’s total investment at $118 million.

Kyligence is a company based at San Jose, offers an AI-enhanced Analytics platform capable of providing sub-second response times to queries with petabytes of information. Its Kyligence system is built upon Apache Kylin, a distributed analytics engine that can perform multi-dimensional analyses on massive datasets.

The Kylin original technology was invented by the founding members of Kyligence at eBay’s China Center of Excellence located in Shanghai, China, and was a part of the Apache Software Foundation in 2015.

Kyligence was created by Kylin’s developers in the year 2016 to offer commercial versions that uses the technology open source that comes with additional features and capabilities. The system’s foundation it has OLAP (online analysis processing) capability that allows pre-aggregation of data into multi-dimensional indexes, significantly speeding the process of data analysis and queries.

“Coupled with an unifying semantic layer Kyligence clients can anticipate unimaginable performance and efficiency with the lowest cost possible,” Han said. “Our investors are aware of our dedication to this type of customer-centricity, innovation and cost management for cloud analytics is going forward in the right direction.”

In January, the company announced Kyligence Cloud 4. The first version of cloud-native Kyligence Cloud 4 Kylin’s platform.

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