Best Men Sliders and Chappals online

Best Men Sliders and Chappals online

In the summer, sliders and chappals are one of the best options to consider. No matter if you’re looking for shoes for women or men, sliders are the most comfortable shoes that will keep your feet breezy and help you get through the whole day. There are many kinds of comfortable shoes for men that can be worn all summer long, but our favorite casual summer shoes are men’s sliders, chappals, flip flops and sandals. So, in a nutshell, these shoes are the best ones for summer casual wear.

Men’s footwear brands in Pakistan

These come in a large variety of designs. Pakistan’s fashion industry has a lot of footwear brands which come up with a lot of styles, designs and colors in men’s sliders and chappals. You should visit their websites to check out all the latest designs and pick one out for yourself.

But there are so many brands that it can get really difficult for you to search through the sliders and chappals collections of all these. Other than these brands’ websites, you can also have a look at the footwear collection of Laam. Here is a list of the top brands where you can get good quality mens’ footwear at a wide range of prices.


Urbansole is one of the best brands for mens’ footwear in Pakistan. It’s a brand that makes footwear that not only looks good but also feels great as they are so comfortable. Its footwear is stylish, is on trend, and has the most up-to-date designs. Their shoes are also quite reasonably priced. Whether you’re looking for casual or dress shoes for men, you can find everything you need here at an affordable price. It has a wide variety of shoes ranging from mens’ sliders and chappals, dress shoes, sandals, loafers, boots, sneakers, and so on.

With its traditional and ethnic designs for men’s sliders, urbansole stands out from other brands of men’s shoes. Their footwear is made of high-end materials. And you can get these sliders and chappals for an average price of 3500. Their collections have footwear of all kinds, for casual day out to formal shoes for events like weddings, parties etc.

Borjan Shoes:

Borjan shoes is also counted as one of the affordable footwear brands of Pakistan. It specializes in offering an elegant range of formal shoes, sandals, sliders and chappals for men. So, if you want a traditional sandal, sliders or chappal that would help you pull off your ideal ethnic look or an elegant pair of formal or oxford shoes for a western look, visit the website Borjan Shoes now. Enjoy the most affordable prices with good quality shoes. Other than footwear, you can also get different kinds of accessories for men like belts, wallets etc.

Hush Puppies:

Hush Puppies is a big name in the Pakistani footwear market. They have been around for a long time and that is because it makes high-quality shoes that go with many different outfits. Hush Puppies has a good reputation for making high-quality shoes, be it mens’ sliders and chappals, sneakers, sandals, or dress shoes.

It makes high-quality shoes that you can flaunt with all kinds of looks. Hush Puppies is a brand that specializes in selling high-quality shoes at low prices for men. They have a lot of different kinds, from formal to casual. Their wide variety of designs and styles will make you feel good. The demand of customers changes with time, and Hush Puppies know how to adapt to these changes at the right time to keep their customers satisfied and happy.

Shoe Planet:

Since the time Shoes planet opened in Lahore, the company has expanded to the point that it now has more than 15 stores across the country. They sell all around the country and are fully aware of how to satisfy the demands and preferences of their consumers, while keeping up with the latest trends and styles. The company has a good reputation in introducing unique designs into all of its shoes, whether it’s casual footwear such as men’s sliders and chappals or for formal occasions such as dress shoes or boots. The freshness, excellent quality, and unique designs of their shoes ensure that they are always in game, allowing them to keep up with the recent trends in the footwear market.

These are some brands that you can choose for buying high-quality mens’ footwear of latest designs.

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