An Exclusive Sneak Peak at What’s Next for Kiln

Exclusive Sneak Peak at What’s Next for Kiln

If you’re a homeowner planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel or an architect or designer working on a building, one of the first things you should think about is whether or not the wood designs. You want to buy or kiln for sale properly dried and checked.

In a kiln, wood is dried by heating it to a certain temperature and level of relative humidity. This is a very important step in preserving wood because it stops rot, shrinkage, and other problems caused by too much water. When you dry wood in a kiln, it makes it last longer and stronger.

Depending on how wet the wood was to start with and the size and type of kiln being used, drying in a kiln can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months. The finished product should have between 6 and 8 percent moisture.

Even though deciding to try something new is exciting, the research process might dampen your enthusiasm and self-confidence because there are so many options. This guide is meant to make it easier for new potters and glassblowers to buy their first kiln by giving them a list of important things to think about and specific suggestions for a kiln that fits their needs best.

This tutorial will teach you how to explore your options without feeling like a beginner, whether you want to work alone outside a shared studio, try out different methods before firing larger pieces, or fire ceramic or glass for the first time.

Beginner Issues

You shouldn’t start looking for a kiln until you know what kind of work you want to make and where you want to make it. Here are some items that need your consideration.

What’ll you shoot?

Think about the medium(s) you want to work with. This will help you decide what kind of kiln, temperature range, and accessories you need. I’d like to know more about the glass and clay you’ll be using. How do you plan to use these with glazes? So, what kinds of ways to shoot do you want to look into? Think about how many pieces you’ll make and how big they’ll be in each firing. In the end, do you think you’ll be firing the same type and number of pieces in five years, or do you think you’ll move on to bigger, more complicated projects?

How much can you spend?

Most of us don’t have an endless supply of money, so it’s important to set a budget that makes sense for your kiln. Soul Ceramics sells kilns that start at just over $700 and go up to commercial kilns that cost $5,000 or more. They promise to have the lowest prices anywhere. It would help if you considered a kiln a long-term investment because it will last for a long time. But you don’t want to spend too much on your first kiln, especially if you’re new to ceramics or glass art and don’t know how much time and energy you’ll put into the hobby. Also, don’t forget to add shipping and tax, but if you buy from Soul Ceramics, you won’t have to because we offer free shipping and no tax.

What features of a kiln do you need for your work?

Many kilns have extra features and accessories that aren’t needed unless you want to do advanced fire operations with complicated ramp downs. If you want to invest in a model that can grow with you, pay close attention to details like these in each product description. Don’t feel like you have to buy a more complex kiln as your first one if all you want is a simple one to play with.

Where exactly do you plan on putting it?

When choosing a kiln, it’s important to consider where it will be placed before deciding on its size or model. When measuring the dimensions, remember that a kiln needs at least two feet of space on each side. Think about how well the space can be ventilated and how easy it is to get to electrical outlets and circuit breakers.

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