Achieving the Perfect Look: Learn How to Style and Wear Patches for Your Outfits with Ease

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Did you ever think that patches can be fashionable? Patches are often assumed to simply be used for repair purposes, but if used strategically they make the ultimate fashion statement. What’s more is that patched clothing works with any style and on both men and women. You can even create homemade pieces of flair by adding them to your denim or other outfits! If you’re intrigued about how wearing patches could upgrade your wardrobe, then keep reading – we’ll tell you all the ways it will change your look for the better!

What is Patched Clothing?

When you think of patches, chances are that vibrant fabric squares sewn into denim, bell bottoms or overalls come to mind. This iconic style was popularized by hippies in the 70’s and gave them their signature ‘peace & love’ flair! Patches not only act as a decorative accessory for clothing but also repairs existing materials.

Patches have evolved beyond being just simple pieces of fabric. Now, they can be made from a variety of different materials like sequins, felt, nylon and more! They come in all sorts of shapes – ranging from basic squares to intricate images such as flowers or animals. If you’re looking for patched clothing, both online stores and physical shops offer them but not every store carries this type of apparel.

Patched clothing is usually crafted from denim material, particularly jean jackets. Many companies specialize in this unique style. With the right materials and knowledge, you can easily make your own patched clothing too – there are many tutorials online that detail how to embroider patches onto any garment!

How to Wear Patches For Clothes

Ready to take the plunge and welcome patches into your wardrobe? It’s easy to look stylish when wearing patched clothing, with just a few simple tips. Don’t be intimidated by adding these unique pieces of art – here are our top tricks for you to master the patch trend.

1. Patch Your Denim Vest

Show off your style by pairing a classic denim vest with eye-catching patches. Whether you have an existing collared vest or wanting to create the edgy frayed edges yourself, donning your denim with this timeless trend will add instant punk flair. When selecting which shades of patches to incorporate, go for darker tones such as black and navy that coordinate nicely against dark jeans material. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be rocking out in no time!

If you want a more sophisticated patched vest look, keep your patches minimal. Pick simple designs and fix them on the back of the vest primarily. Moreover, don’t forget to give pockets an interesting touch with one or two patches if they’re present! Pockets are great spots for attractive patches.

2. Apply a Simple T-Shirt Patch

If you’re not prepared to take the plunge into patch-covered clothing just yet, then why not start off easy with a simple t-shirt patch? Start by searching through your closet for old or plain patterned tanks and tees. Pick up one small, straightforward custom embroidered patch to apply on those tops – preferably situated in the upper left or right corner of the shirt. Patches on garments are like logos and graphics, so it’s better if they are kept as minimalistic as possible. Remember that shirts are typically made from light fabric; thus multiple patches might make them look bulky or weighed down.

3. Get Some Hippie Vibes

Let’s take a moment to reminisce about where patches found their true fame- the 1960s and 70s. Clothing patches were originally used as an act of protest against U.S war efforts in that period, so show your tribute by sewing classic “hippie” patches onto some old jeans or shorts! Think bright rainbows, sunshine emblems, peace signs – anything colorful and fun will work to achieve this look. Flowers are always great for achieving this vibe too.

Get ready to add some retro flair to your wardrobe! If you’re looking for the perfect placement of your groovy hippie patches, try stitching them vertically on each pant leg or across the back pockets. This classic 70s look is sure to draw attention and complete any outfit. To get the most out of this trend, strive for lighter denim material as it allows those beautiful colors in your patches to pop even more. Don’t have a pair? No need to worry – a quick trip over at Target will do the trick.

4. Strut Your Patched Denim Jacket

If you’re searching for an effortless and creative way to enliven your jean jacket, look no further than adding some patches. Denim jackets are the perfect canvas when it comes to adorning patched clothing due to their thick fabric that can hold heavy or large-sized patches. Furthermore, denim provides enough room for decorators if they wish to add multiple swatches of fabrics, embroidered patches, and buttons – oftentimes the busier looking designs turn out far better.

Don’t own a denim jacket? No problem! A military-style one can make for an equally stunning look. Check out our website to discover the perfect patches for your garment – you won’t regret it.

5. Blazer Patches

Absolutely, you can be both elegant and creative with your patched clothing. A navy or black blazer is the perfect way to add a few tasteful patches – they contrast wonderfully against plain clothes such as slacks and a black shirt! If you don’t want to adorn a blazer however, why not patch up an existing pair of classy jeans? Stylishly rock these patched denims together with heels and that same beautiful blazer for an incredibly polished look.

Patched Clothing 101

You don’t need to run out and purchase patched clothing: you can create an entirely new look simply by using patches on existing wardrobe items. Patched jackets, jeans, and blazers allow anyone to achieve a punk, classy or casual vibe with minimal effort. Now that you are informed of the styling potential of these clever additions – get creative and start transforming your looks!

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