A guide to creative agencies

A guide to creative agencies

If your company is looking to grow and expand, a great way to do so is to ramp up your marketing efforts so that more people know about your brand. However, not all businesses have the bandwidth nor manpower to create and monitor effective marketing campaigns. Fortunately, it is now more easier than ever for businesses to get in touch with a digital marketing and advertising agency, or a creative agency to help with their marketing efforts.

On the whole, working with a creative agency can help to close more sales, build brand awareness, and improve the brand’s public perception. They can also devise creative strategies to help companies reach their business goals.

Here, we discuss what exactly a creative agency is, their common services, and the advantages of working with one instead of doing everything in-house. So, keep reading below to learn more about this topic.

What is a creative agency

So, what exactly is a creative agency? A creative agency is a type of marketing agency that uses traditional marketing strategies and applies them to a wide range of channels for their clients. So, working with a creative agency can give brands complete access to a wide team of experts that are highly skilled in creative talents.

A few full service creative agencies may provide some service like advertising, graphic design, web design, web development, and may even offer technologies that can help their clients do better in the market.

Other creative agencies specialise in a few different things, such as video production, online marketing, or managing social media content. Some may even choose to only target specific industries or markets such as entertainment, travel, or technology.

Common services

Creative agencies provide a few common marketing and sales services that can help establish, grow and maintain a brand’s identity. Common services generally include:

Copywriting: Copywriters usually help to produce clear and concise content for marketing, advertisements materials or websites. Digital copywriters can also help to optimise website copy, blog posts and product descriptions, especially for SEO purposes.

Content creation: Content creators can help to produce, valuable, entertaining, or relevant content that businesses can share on their social media platforms or other channels.

Logo design: Logo designers help to create memorable and compelling logos that can instantly be recognisable to your audience.

Video production: A few agencies also do video production. They can help to create high-quality videos all the way from the pre-production stages through to post-production.

Web design:  Web designs generally focus on the user experience and interface of a website, in order to make it stand out from competitors. This can help you to convert more sales in the long run.

Web development: Unlike web designers, web developers are the ones that actually write the code that makes up the backbone of the website. They can also help companies integrate service, marketing and sales technologies.

Advantages of working with one

There are definitely a few advantages of working with a creative agency. We’ve listed and explained a few of the popular ones below:

Professional insight

Rather than just relying on everything internally, you can use a creative agency to gain an outside perspective regarding your marketing campaigns, especially if that agency is experienced in your particular field or industry. They can help to offer fresh new ideas and insights that can improve your brand and message. You can also benefit from industry specific market research that a creative agency may provide to help boost your overall bottom line.

Expert advise on visual assets

It’s safe to say that visual assets are incredibly important when it comes to marketing. In fact, companies that invest heavily in visual and graphics can eventually use it to reap long-term benefits, such as better brand recognition and customer retention. Data and studies have also suggested that 53% of website visits are likely to be abandoned if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load. All in all, a lack of attention to design and visuals can instead undermine your sales team and lower the perception of your business’s quality – especially regarding its products and services.

Fortunately, a creative agency can help you to solve this problem by assisting you with developing your own brand style guide. This means that all your visual assets are cohesive and flow together seamlessly, making it easier for your audience to identify your brand from the crowd.

Measurable results

If you are having trouble gaining the results that you want with your current strategy, a creative agency can help you to step up to the challenge. Most creative agencies are geared with the talent and technology to provide their clients with immediate and measurable results, meaning you can see exactly what you are getting out of them. With the experience creative agencies have, they also likely have insights into what kinds of measures and tactics have worked well with other businesses that are similar to yours, and what should be avoided instead.

Can execute campaigns well

If you are lacking in manpower and talent to execute your marketing campaigns, then fret not – creative agencies are here to save the day. They are staffed with a variety of talented people who can design and implement your marketing plan on short notice. Whether you need content for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, copywriting, inbound marketing, or other custom services, you can be sure that creative agencies have your back.

Speedy production

Many brands find it a challenge to execute their strategies on a short notice because they do not have the infrastructure already three to handle any kind of production. This is understandable, as most companies are focusing on different things (for instance, it is difficult to just focus on content marketing if your main business is selling dog food). Fortunately, an agency is well specialised in exactly this kind of thing – they are able to produce different types of content, all quickly and efficiently. They are also aware of any common roadblocks, mistakes, or certain pitfalls that can sabotage or slow down production, so everything becomes a lot more straightforward!

Quality content

Quality, cadence, and consistency are all necessary to a successful content marketing strategy. However, many brands struggle with one of these elements, with some even finding it hard to do all three. Again, creative agencies have you covered with their solid infrastructure in place. Agencies are also invested in doing the best job possible for their clients. Hence, a good creative agency will fight to make the best creative that is suited for your brand, even if it may mean slight clashes with the original idea.

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