A 14-Year-Old Is Killed Tragically At Icon Park After Falling From A Bike- Check Out The Video On Reddit With Warning

14 year old dies at icon park video reddit

Video of a 14-year-old boy that passed away in an accident in the Icon Park has gone viral on Reddit.

A tragic incident at an Florida amusement park killed one of the children on March 24 2022.

A 14-year-old boy fell off the “Orlando Free-Fall” which left him dead on the spot. Keep reading to learn more about the accident.

14 year old dies at Icon Park Accident Video Goes viral on RedditBe Careful!

The Icon Park accident video of an unidentified boy falling off an attraction in Orlando Park has gone viral on Reddit.

The video, which is about one minute shows someone in a sudden fall from a massive ride. A crowd quickly gathers to look at the body of the victim.

In the words of The Associated Press, the horrendous accident was in the Florida amusement park. The victim was on the “Orlando Free-Fall”.

The massive ride measures 43 feet. It’s one of the biggest and highest freestanding drop towers.

A witness posted the video through social media. In the meantime, both citizens and the public are ecstatic following the incident that claimed lives.

Another witness has been interviewed by FOX News, “At first we thought it was part of the ride until we looked closer and saw someone lying in the dirt. Everyone was in a panic as they screamed.”

The incident is currently being examined through the authorities. As soon as it becomes possible further reports are made, they will be released.

14-year-old Boy He Falls From A Ride Orlando Park

Name of boy who fell off the ride at Orlando park is not made public.

The teen was transported into the Arnold Palmer Hospital, he passed away from severe injuries.

After the accident, John Stine, the operator and owner of the bus has offered sympathy to the victims’ family.

He stated: “Words can’t say how we feel. our hearts are with those who love this boy. And that’s all we have to say in this moment.”

What transpired in Icon Park Orlando Leading To 14 year old falling to Death?

Police are currently investigating the horrendous incident that took place in Icon Park Orlando.

The public has raised questions about the security of such a large trip following the tragic death of a young 14-year-old.

According to reports, the ride was a brand new addition to the park’s fun. It was first opened at the end of December in 2021.

The Orlando Free-Fall attraction was operated with the chair moving both up and down. It can throw or impels with massive force at speeds of 75 miles per hour.

Furthermore, the vehicle was able to accommodate up to 30 people at one time.

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