5 Travel Safety Tips

There is always something to be learned by travelling. Whether by car, airline, rail, boat, bicycle, or foot… With each inescapable hurdle, there is always room for a small tip. Consequently, every time I travel, I learn something new or useful about the travel process.

Some may be old and some may be new, but regardless, here is a list of five seemingly little travel suggestions that I’ve found to be invaluable in ensuring a smooth and stress-free vacation. Therefore, read on and feel free to add your advise in the following comments.


1) Make a copy.

Create physical and digital backups of key documents such as your passport, visas, driver’s licence, social security card, and birth certificate in the unlikely case of an emergency or accident. Before you go with your laptop, back up your files and photographs to a hard drive.

2) Transport a scarf.

Wherever you go. In addition to a sarong, we also recommend a lightweight cotton scarf. Other applications? It functions as an eye mask, a head wrap, and a fashion piece. You can also use it as a makeshift handkerchief and towel (try soaking it in cold water and wrapping it around your neck on hot days for fast relief!). On the road, there are countless applications.

3) Get out from behind the camera.

Yes, we take numerous photographs, and there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone desires to preserve memories. However, keep in mind that travel is not about “getting the shot.” Once the photograph has been taken, the photographer should stand back, set the camera down, and enjoy the scene. Occasionally, recollection serves best.

4)Be mindful of your health.

We all appreciate entering “vacation mode” since what’s the point of a vacation if you don’t immerse yourself in the local cuisine and there’s nothing wrong with sipping a cocktail? (or two). However, we recommend keeping your health in mind, especially when travelling for an extended period of time. Your mind and body will reward you for being hydrated, getting adequate sleep, moisturising your skin, protecting yourself from the sun, meditating (our favourite app is headspace), and taking your vitamins.

5) Pack lightly and be sure to measure your belongings abroad.

Kimonos from Japan, rich silks from India – it’s always a good idea to bring back a memento from your travels, and we’re not talking about tacky key chains and inexpensive mugs. Some of the best items you can get are wearables, so we recommend travelling lightly and purchasing items along the way. Make sure to create and preserve a clothes and shoe size conversion chart on your phone, but keep in mind that these charts should only be used as a guide. Always try on clothing and footwear prior to making a purchase to guarantee a suitable fit.

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