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1and1 Webmail: It doesn’t matter if you call it 1and1 Ionos or 1and1 Internet. It was a German web hosting company that had its official name as 1and1 Internet.However, at present, the United Internet, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, and international web services company in Montabaur have closely-held it.

This article will provide basic information about this webmail service. Its signup process, login, reset of your webmail password and all other details you need to know regarding 1and1 Webmail.

What is 1and1 Webmail Ionos? What does it offer?

1and1 webmail platform has millions of customers around the globe. It is one of the most popular web hosting service providers. The company began by offering web hosting services in Germany and the United States.

1and1 offers web hosting as well as webmail services. 1and1 also provides registration for domains, SSL certificates, webmail builder packages, dedicated services, cloud hosting, and packages. Let’s begin the signup and login process in 1and1 Ionos by understanding the basics.

Register or Create a 1and1 email:

Let’s start with step 1 and 1, which is to create an account on 1and1’s webmail platform. Basic Mail and Business Mail are available to customers starting at $1/month. You can match your website domain to an email address that matches one of these addresses by creating a matching account. To create your 1and1 account, follow the steps below.

To land on this page, you will need to open your web browser. Link:- https://www.ionos.com/

You will see the Email & Office tab at the homepage. Click on it to open.

The drop-down menu can be found there. Click on Navigate for Professional Email Address to open a new tab. You can view some packages by clicking on See Package. There are two Business Packages and one Basic Package.

Click Continue to select according to your needs.

You will only receive one domain with each package. You can then check to see if the desired domain is available. You can enter the name and verify its availability. You can add it to your cart if it is available.

You can edit the text fields to create your 1and1 email address. It will be visible prior to the @ sign.

In the Password field, enter your webmail password. To make sure that you don’t forget it, enter your webmail password again.

You can choose to have your email automatically forwarded to an email address through this webmail service. It is possible to forward your email to your Gmail address or primary email address, without logging into 1and1 webmail.

You can also choose additional security settings. There are two types of security settings: one is Anti-spam and the other is Premium Virus Protection.

Click on the Save button to save your information. It will then create your 1and1 login process so you can access your email address.

Login for 1and1 Webmail

It is very easy to log in. To login to 1and1 webmail, you will need to follow a few steps.

Use one of the available web browsers to access 1and1’s webmail login page. You can also click this link. Link:- 1and1.com

Navigate to the homepage and click on the Sign-in link. This button will appear on your login page.

Scroll down to find more 1and1 IONOS Logins. You will see the Webmail button. Click it. It will open 1and1’s webmail login page.

In the field below, enter your Username/Email address and then enter your Password. You can also use the Remember Me option

Reset Your Password For 1and1 Webmail Account:

This section outlines the essential steps you need to take in order to reset your webmail password. To reset your webmail password, follow each step carefully.

Open your preferred web browser and go to the official website for 1and1 webmail.

To open the login page, click on the Sign in button

Next, enter your Email Address, Domain or Customer ID into the edit text field.

Choose the Forgot Password option. This will open a new webpage.

You will need to enter your Customer ID, Domain or Email Address again.

Next, click on the Request New Password button. This will send an email to your address with a link that you can use for your 1and1 webmail password reset.

You can open the link from a web browser.

Enter New Password, and then enter the webmail password in the Confirm Password field.

After you have finished typing and retyping the webmail password, click on Reset Password to reset it.

Set up 1and1 email address:

Before you use 1and1 webmail, there are two settings that you need to make. It’s easy to follow.

1and1 Pop Settings For Incoming Mail Server Details:

Follow these instructions to learn more about setting up.

  • POP is your account type.
  • Your username is 1and1 email username.
  • Your webmail password will be your only Password for the 1and1 email address.
  • If you use Gmail, your hostname for the server is pop.gmail.com.
  • Your server port is 993/995.
  • Do you require authentication? Yes, authentication is required for your webmail password and email address.
  • Is it capable of SSL/TLS encryption? It does provide certificates.

Setting for SMTP of Outgoing Emails:

  • The account type is SMTP.
  • Your email Username is the Username.
  • The webmail password is identical to the one above.
  • If you use Gmail, your hostname for your webmail server will be smtp.gmail.com
  • Port for Server is 587.
  • Do you need Auth? Yes, you can use your Email Address to 1and1 as well as the Password to it to authenticate.
  • It offers SSL/TLS certificates. Yes.

Your Password Must Be Secured:

Webmail passwords must include a long-phrase and more characters. They must also have at least 12 to 14 characters. If your webmail password falls below this limit, it is likely that someone will gain access to your account quickly. Your webmail password must contain both small and large letters.

End of the story

This article could help you sign up for and log in to 1and1’s webmail service. This article will cover everything you need to set up your 1and1 webmail account. Enjoy this mail service, webhosting, and many other features of this platform.

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