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One of the top internet service providers in the Philippines is Piso Wifi Vendo. Piso wifi was built on top of the arcade-style internet known as PISONET. Piso WiFi was established in 2017 and quickly became well-known.

Review of Piso WiFi in the Philippines

Based on its features, the Piso wifi review in the Philippines rises. The largest telecom company in the Philippines, Smart Communications, serves as the service provider for this internet provider. The internet speed is respectable, and it costs even less than regular internet. This internet provider’s primary benefit is that it offers multiple users simultaneous access to the internet. By connecting to a Piso wifi hotspot, you can use Piso wifi to join a very sizable virtual internet network.

WiFi Piso Login: How to Sign Up?

One of the most crucial things to bear in mind while utilizing the internet is this. Registration is the first and most important step in using the internet. Visit the URL Pisonet login prompt to do this. You must give your name, email address, and mobile number while registering. You will also be required to enter a password for your account. Once the registration process is complete, you can use the internet’s advantages. Piso WiFi Configuration Guide

You can begin using the internet after registering. You must join a Piso wifi hotspot in order to accomplish this. You only need to scan the Piso wifi QR code to complete this extremely easy activity. The internet utility box is where you may locate the Piso wifi QR code. If the code is not on the utility box, you can also look it up on Google. You can access the internet by entering this code.

Promo Code for Floor Wifi 2018

For new users, the Floor wifi promo code 2018 from Piso wifi is quite helpful. Users who sign up between July 1 and August 31 will just need to pay Php 49 for an hour of internet.

Features of the Piso Wifi Free Plan

There are a total of 15 minutes of daily internet usage included in the Piso wifi free plan. Although the internet’s speed is extremely sluggish, you can still access it by utilizing your mobile data. Five devices can be connected to one account under the Piso wifi free plan. While travelling in the Philippines, you can still use this internet. Given that you must submit your mobile number, the registration and cancellation processes are both quite straightforward.

Features of the PISO WiFi Paid Plan

High-speed internet is a part of the paid Piso wifi service. You can access the internet quickly with the use of this. The Piso wifi paid plan will cost you a specific amount. For instance, if you select the plan for Php 399, you will receive internet worth Php 499. With the paid Piso wifi service, you can connect 10 devices to one account. Although this internet service provider doesn’t provide a free plan, it does have a very affordable option for students. For instance, you must pay Php 199 for the monthly plan if you’re a student and wish to use the Piso wifi inexpensive plan.

Pros and Cons of 10 Piso Wifi

According to the 10 piso wifi review in the Philippines, this internet is widely accessible and is quite affordable. One of the main benefits of this internet is that it may be accessed from locations outside of the Philippines. The fact that this internet is so simple to use is another benefit. One of the best internet services available in the Philippines is this one. Additionally, according to the Piso wifi assessment, the internet is quite safe.

Last Words

The evaluation of Piso WiFi concludes by stating that it is very simple to use. One of the most affordable internet packages is available in the Philippines. You can access this internet from anywhere in the Philippines, including from abroad. You may use the internet for a variety of things and it is really secure.

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